Bug in RFLink binding, how to workaround until it's fixed?

First of all, it looks like the “Repeat” option must be set to 1 or greater. Otherwise, I can not see any output at all when I send to a group of 433Mhz devices via RFLink Gateway.

When sending to a group of 7 units, I only get 3 OK from RFLink Gateway. I think the binding must wait for an answer or at least slow down.

This is notices when using this binding in openHAB 3.1.0 (Docker container)
Installed binding is: https://github.com/Pshatsillo/org.openhab.binding.rflink/releases/tag/3.0.1

So what could be best workaround for this issue or can someone fix the bug?

It do work if I control a item manually so maybe a script that send the command to all devices in a group one by one with a small break between could be a fix? Any suggestions?

I guess the “bug” is know. I found this thread that was about it.

If you enter a repeat value and later remove it, the binding will no longer send the message. This is now fixed in my binding found here:

I also changed delay from 50ms to 1000ms between messages. It lokk like it have to be that slow without waiting for respons.

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