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Hello, I have raspberry PI, 7inch Pi DSI touchscreen & openhab setup. I bought 7 inch screen for to display controls and also control the widgets, But it seems requires web interface and openhab panel works through browser. Currently toughscreen shows only debian shell screen :frowning:
Is there are any addon, mod to openhad so my panel could show up on raspberry pi attached display ?

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Google kiosk mode raspberry pi.

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You need a desktop environment. openHABian configures a headless server with no graphics what so ever. You need to install X, a windowing environment, and a browser. It start with a Raspbian Desktop and use the manual instructions to install openHABian on top of that. Then set the browser to automatically start on reboot and start in kiosk mode.

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OK thanks, I got what you mean. I have raspberry pi 3b, may full system X with raspbian desktop installation overload it?

I would like to have some inbuilt display and touch controller on openhab :slight_smile:

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IMHO. Easiest option to “control” openHAB remotely is a tablet. Let the headless rpi do the hard work as a server and get a cheap tablet for the ui.

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I totally agree.

My policy is “One machine, One job”.

As it happens, I’ve got a client that has ODroid C2 in a boiler room, providing a GUI & Timers for 3 boiler systems and their respective zone thermostats.
Then they have 3 Sibo Android 10 inch PoE tablets around the property, so they can control any building / zone from anywhere.

(They love the fact they can also use their phones and laptops / work stations)

I did kiosk per this URL: https://desertbot.io/blog/raspberry-pi-touchscreen-kiosk-setup

And it seems OK but:
Chrome page loads before openhab therefore I am getting unavailable message on start
Screen responsiveness could be better :S
reboot takes long, screen goes off and stays so, and after 2 minutes it goes back

So there issues not fits in this thread, going to research and solved.
Thanks for your directions, comments :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be possible to delay the loading of the browser?

I am working on it, in other case on every reboot I need to refresh browser manually

Hey, seems like this is way too little knows, but vbier has made a super great android HABpanel viewer, that has awesome hardware advantages from the tablet itself (all the sensors and stuff) and most of all, it can be set up as a launcher, so basibally, your android tablet’s homescreen is your HABpanel. and if you remove password from the tablet, you’ll have easy access into it, and you can even make it wake up with the sensors and configure actions in your openhab envirnment based on the sensors reading.

I for one have a tablet docked in my cinema room, and when I pick it up, it automatically dimms all the lights to “hello”/ entry scene.

Here’s a link to the repo: https://github.com/vbier/habpanelviewer

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My suggestion: don’t start the browser automatically, but with a script, which will check, if the Openhab page is available and if so, will start the browser than.

Some inspiration: Wait for an HTTP endpoint to return 200 OK with Bash and curl

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