Camera recommendation UK only

Hi HABbers
Please would anyone in the UK , recommend a cheap functional colour indoor camera , battery powered (so not WiFi but … 433Mhz or Z-wave) only please.
Not bothered about, but if it has it then great, but not needed:

  • IR
  • Motion detect
  • Power save
  • Cloud recording
  • Memory stick

just UK only please and only if you are actually using it and only , please, if you have the experience of its performance.

of course, it needs to work with OH

May i apologise to those whom i may have offended with my very specifically crafted post, but please understand, ive been “recommended” things in the past from people who claim the product to be “great” when in fact it was crap and no way they ever could have had/used it . :roll_eyes::flushed:

If you want Z-Wave or Zigbee @chris is our expert and he lives in the UK.

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not THE @chris (cj) ?
honoured indeed, i shall consult him

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You not find 433MHz cameras. Don’t exist.

I don’t think the zwave protocol carries images. I may be wrong.
Most zwave camera that I have seen use zwave for communication but another system to output the video itself. most of the time wired.

Since you want cloud recording I am surprised you have ruled out wifi cameras.

Cheap cameras either come as POE or WIFI and the moment you want battery powered the price either jumps or you loose good integration into openhab.

I prefer POE as it is one cable that does data and power and you don’t need someone to do mains voltage wiring making it the cheaper option. Since you want cloud recording it has to connect to a router at some point.

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We are trying to help. If you are going to have this attitude everytime you get an answer that you don’t like, please go somewhere else.


Because you are not the only one that will be reading this.

Think of others.

You misread the first post (I added emphasis so maybe people will read it this time.)

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

no no
you’re not helping
you have failed to read and accept the OP
you’ve done exactly the opposite of what i respectfully asked


you’re NOT helping
but you are antagonising and baiting

why bother
post elsewhere

you’re rude and disrespectful because you did what i specifically askwd you , do not, and completely disregarded me

us Brits
call that out


You’ve asked for a recommendation for something that doesn’t exist (battery powered 443MHz or Zwave cameras that deliver video do not exist). Vincent, who is in the UK has informed you that it doesn’t exist. He has exactly responded according to the dictates if your original post.

But here is something you should understand. You can create a post, but you don’t get to dictate to those who reply what form and content is in the reply. As long as the reply is within the rules of the forum, it is permitted.

Getting mad and lashing out because you don’t like the answer or the way the answer is presented is a whole lot closer to a violation of the code of conduct on this forum than anything I see in any of the other posts on this thread, though I see some of the worst of your replies have been removed.

And H102 makes a vital point. It’s not all about you. Many of us reply with information that will be of use to future readers who happen upon this thread. And you don’t get to tell us not to and have it do any good.

This is not the first time you’ve become unreasonably aggressive when receiving answers on this forum that you don’t like it that are presented in ways you don’t like. There is a nice little feature that lets users block all posts from certain users. Keep up this behavior and the only response your posts will get in the future will be the s found of crickets.

I’m pretty sure your behavior would be considered rude in any country. Just calling it out.


Hi @rlkoshak

Must admit to not revisiting this post until I noticed you had contributed.
Yes ok I accept the allegation of being mad, lashing out, and not accepting advice that may well stand me in good company. I have been ill and short tempered last two weeks , as I mentioned on an earlier post, due to a series of household emergencies , consequent on which I was trying - and failing - to expedite solutions ranging from HVAC and of course to Security.
Yes my behaviour would certainly be rude as you say, in the UK where we are possibly renowned for good manners and poilteness. I have transgressed and I apologise.
I expect my attitude to improve now that I have effected repairs and upgrades to the home, which were the cause of great stress, sadness and anger.

By the way
What is the “sound of crickets” mean? L-)


I thought that was a UK expression as well as a US one. When everyone stops talking, you can hear the crickets. It’s a colloquial way way to say “silence” or an expression of disinterest.

“I asked a question and all I got in answer was crickets.” meaning no one cared enough answer.

I love international forums like this. :smiley: It makes me recognize how much common speech, at least in the US, is colloquialisms.

I’m sorry you were facing personal issues. We all have to at some point. And it is rare that you’ve come back to apologize. Not many users would do that. I for one accept your apology and I hope others do as well. I admit that I do admire your persistence. It’s clear you are frustrated yet you carry on. I’ve no doubt you will become successful with OH and I will help where I can.

I’m touched Ritch buy you kind words. Yes, i do not give up, however there is an equal and opposite reaction to any given action, so science tells us, and that was my frustration and rudeness when not getting to where i need to go quickly. As i say, all good now.

and may i graciously acknowledge your persistence with helping me on here

cheers bud
BTW the cricket thing … never heard of it, here in London we would say “you’ll just get blanked, mate” :laughing: of course, mate is an improper noun we use to describe any mush, geezer, bloke, jerk etc :laughing:

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It can get educational.
In a PM here I referenced “a bull in a china shop” with a wikipedia link. Apparently in Germany, is is “an elephant in a ceramic shop” It portrays the same sentiment with a different scenario.

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Imagine the fun I had explaining “a red herring.”

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Which leads us down the rabbit hole further…