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My basement finishing project is nearing completion (I hope), thus I’m beginning to get ready to start doing more again with Openhab and Home Automation stuff.

So as I begin to hopefully get a camera or 2 outside the home, I’m wondering what type of software(s) and/or operating systems people may be using for video and survellance?

I have a POE rackmount injector and just ordered this camera here.

So just curious… what software(s) are you possibly using in conjunction with OH2? I run everything via ESXi so can always setup a new VM for everything as well. Also, when it comes to video, etc. Do you have that video stored in the cloud? Whats to stop any thief from simply destroying any server, etc to destroy a hard drives and video?


I’m running a server on windows 10. I have 2 outdoor cameras (nexus cctv). I connected them to my newley installed blue iris software, which is for my personal use perfect.

what I did:

  • using zwave motion detector outside which starts video recording in blue iris (with the external motion detector I dont have any problems with sun light and false alarms)
  • blue iris converts the rtsp camera stream to (m)jpeg which I’m accessing in habpanel (rtsp to mjpeg converter under windows without any bugs is not easy to find)
  • when motion detected I send me also some screenshots from the mjpeg stream to telegram bot
  • when motion detected I start a 30seconds record in blue iris


@Dubz So your running both OH2 and BlueIris on a Windows 10 machine, correct? I currently like to keep many systems separate in case of any issues. ie, I run separate VM’s for OH2, Unraid, etc.

I do have ZoneMinder installed currently on a separate VM but didnt’ really test it out yet.

Separate outside motion zwave detectors seems like a good idea as well. But how are you powering those? Battery powered and need to change batteries every few months?

yes. I’m also thinking to work a bit more with VMs… but need to extend RAM for it. But actually it works without any problems



i am using motion with motioneye on my debian-server (also openhab is running on it). it works pretty fine for me, for excample you can create triggers to the rest-api if motion recognized any motions at your cams. With motioneye you can configure your webcams (detection zones, storage,…) in a webui.

based on the triggers to the rest-api i created for excample notification rules in openhab.

you can have a look at it here:

Good choice, I’m using that software too with two PiCams, works pretty well.
Meanwhile I get a pushover image on my phone showing the frontdoor when the doorbell rings :rofl:

pushing a photo also is a quite good idea. my acutal solution is to connect to the vpn, and jump into the motion “app” an have a look at the live-stream.

You may send a http call to the motion API action snapshot “channel”, that’s (almost) it :grinning:

Switch CamFrontSnapshot { http=">[ON:GET:http://192.168.xx.yyyy:8080/0/action/snapshot]",expire="1s,command=OFF" }

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its really great, that motion even has an api to send commands. i also use it to turn on an off the storage of media-data (for example turning on, when everybody left the house, turn off when someone arrives home, turn on when the nightmode starts, and so on).

sending the picture as a push notification is quite nice, but i dont want to run another app just for this usecase. so i picked up your idea in another way, so i dont have to open the vpn session and so on.
i just integrated the stream from motion into the sitemap:

		Text item=Net_Cams label="Kameras" icon="screen" {
			Image url="" refresh=2000

so when the push notification of the ios app arrives, i can just open it and have a look at the "live"stream in the app…

1 Like is basicly Synology software runnning on non Synology hardware. it has a great Surveilence Station addon

Whats to stop a thief wearing a ski mask and not caring about the video? Cameras have the ability to send/store video and pictures in a number of ways, don’t just use 1 method for your storage.

I’m actually looking at the turret version of the camera you linked to, the H.265 features should be great for reducing file sizes.

yes, i even would recommend to use two storing methods. in my example i save the data at my server and upload it to a cloud storage at the same time - so all the date is even kept, if the thief take the server, too.
in motioneye it is really easy to configure both storing methods.


Any chance you could put together a little tutorial on your camera setup on how you setup motion eye, items, rules, and how backing it up to the cloud?

of course, no problem :wink:
i described it at my little blog - its in german but you get the settings of motioneye and the relevant code-snippets there:

Google translate for the blog in the previous post is here so you can read in English.,15700021,15700124,15700126,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700186,15700190,15700201,15700205&usg=ALkJrhhBfnIHXE_ypfPD9Tv8CyVBw--xJA

Hi there,
I wanted to have a look at your Blog, und the tutorial. Sadly Google tells me the site could not be found.
Has it been deleted or did you move it?