Can Alexa Skill read an OH-parameter value?

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Hi All,

Can Alexa Skill read an OH-parameter value?

My OH-configuration has a parameter that stores the volume of rainwater in liter in
the cistern. Is it possible to configure this item so that Alexa reads this parameter when asked “what is the volume of rainwater”? Does somebody have an example that works?

It works perfectly for ‘temperature’ and ‘humidity’, but these parameters are predefined. I assume something with RangeController.rangeValue could be done but I’m not getting there.

This is what I tried based on the documentation.

Number:Volume RegenPutInhoud "Regenwasser [%d liter]" <water> {alexa="RangeController.rangeValue" [nonControllable=true, unitOfMeasure="Volume.Liters"]}


Can you use a rule and copy to a temp or humidity item? Just ask what’s temp… you then just know it’s liters vs degrees?

@Jan_Mechelen Could you describe what do you mean by “I’m not getting there”? You are on the right track in using the RangeController interface.

With your item example, you should be able to ask “what is the state of rainwater”

If you care about having “volume” support, you should specify it as friendly name translated in your language if necessary. That way, you can ask “what is the volume of rainwater” or “what is the state of rainwater volume”.

Number:Volume RegenPutInhoud "Regenwasser [%d liter]" <water> {alexa="RangeController.rangeValue" [friendlyNames="Volume", nonControllable=true, unitOfMeasure="Volume.Liters"]}