Can anyone identify this date item

I have a 7 digit integer coming from an api labelled as date - which today is 8274442.
I cannot for the life of me fathom out how / what this converts to.


That is a Unix epoch or timestamp? That is 50 years ago though.

Yeah it’s definitely not epoch for today…
Stumped me massively

Try a little reverse engineering

8274442 = 20200210

What is the number for tomorrow? 8274443? Please post it tomorrow at same time as today. We do not know which time zone too. So we do not know at which time the day ends and the value will switch to represent the next day.

It also will be good to have a value each hour to see at which time the value will lead us to midnight/next day.

So an update…
8274442 = 20200210
8274443 = 20200211
8274444 = 20200212
8274445 = 20200213
well its certainly not from 20690 BC (/364.25)

In hex, that’s 7E420A which doesn’t immediatley look helpful.

But hex 7E4 is decimal year 2020 …
hex 2 is month 2, Feb (Dec would be hex C)
hex 0A is decimal day 10
2020 Feb 10

It’s messed up BCD
Conversion rule -
convert to hex
Leading three characters for binary year
next character for binary month
next two characters for binary day

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