Can i run openhab in my RV motorhome

I just saw this openhab and have read through the introduction text i wonder if it’s possible to run openhab innside RV motor home Car. I would like to use my android phone or laptop computer and connect to the car and check temperatures, burglary alarm and maybe web camera.
The motorhomes have internet through the mobile phone only. I was thinking of using the raspberry pie or some other micro computer that does not drain the car batteries too fast

Short answer, yes. Think of openHAB, as the glue that binds sensors, rules, actions and interfaces together. There is no requirement that it is a domestic house. It could be a greenhouse, theatre, or RV motorhome. It is more about what technology and sensors you want to connect to it.

Thanks that sounds promising. more in detail i was thinking about how to access the motorhome since the ip address is not accessible on mobile phones internet. In a normal house the ip address can be static and of course accessible. What is the solution to this problem

Could you use a dynamic DNS provider like or similar, so the Raspberry Pi in the RV is constantly keeping its A record up to date when it’s online? Or just use my.openHAB which acts like a reverse proxy, so your UI and your Raspberry Pi both find and you rendez-vous that way?

Also, do you know about the Mojio binding to pull data from the RV’s OBD2 link into openHAB (or cheaper Bluetooth-based OBD2 links)?

The problem with the ip adress at least here in scandinavia sweden where i am, is that the mobile phone internet provider doing some funky routing with the ip addresses so there’s no way to establishing inbound connections to a phone. So that makes useless. I will read up on the my.openHAB feels like that is what i need

The… what??? binding?

(Seriously, I was sitting in my garage just today thinking about getting a CAN-BUS scanner and figuring out how to drop it into openhab. OBDII would be a good stepping stone!)

Telia provides fixed IP address, FYI…

Also, using a cheap-o OBDII to Bluetooth device, and then having an Android device to pair with that will act as a gateway into openHAB, seems like a less expensive but more DIY alternative:

I think you’re right i call them and it’s free to have a public address but you must aske for it to be switched on . But to have static public ip address kost 99kr/month. Using the hostnaming service one does not need the 99kr option. I guess the problem is solved regarding how to run openhab in the RV.

Huh, was totally unaware of that, thanks!

And you’re right, it is a bit pricey. I have an old android I could easily stash in my car and use as a bluetooth to wifi bridge pretty easily. I don’t really care about what the car is doing while I’m driving it, I just want to get stats from it when it returns home eventually. HmmmMmmmmm…

I think that after calling telia and haven’t tested this public ip adress on mobile internet, i am pretty sure not all ports are open, ports like 21 22 ftp i am pretty sure there are other restrictions on the download/ upload side. I have developed android apps for many years and now i feel like an idiot probably telia recently implemented this because this must be a new service