Can pick Colors with Google Assistant, but not Amazon Echo (Alexa)

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(tcgerhard) #1

I have a device defined:

Color		OfficeLEDColor	"Office Accent"  (gOffice, gPersist)  ["Switchable"] 

and am using both Google Assistant and Echo via the Hue emulation.
Google supports colors – “Alexa, set Office Accent color blue”, bit Alexa only seems to support on/off/dim commands. In the Alexa app, it states “Color Capabilities: none”.
I’ve tried both “Switchable” and “Lighting” as the tag, and in either case I seem to get the same result.

The device is a home-built ESP8266 controlling addressable LEDs, the following rule drives it:

rule	"Office Color change"
	Item OfficeLEDColor received update
	var hsbValue = OfficeLEDColor.state as HSBType
	var   redValue = ( * 255) / 100
	var   greenValue = ( * 255) / 100
	var   blueValue = ( * 255) / 100

	var String formattedString = String::format("color:%03d,%03d,%03d", redValue, greenValue, blueValue)
	logInfo("<<< Setting OfficeLEDColor Color to >>>", formattedString);
	publish("mqtt87", "/ledlights/office", formattedString)

I’d really like to get this working with both platforms, as we have a mixture of devices in different rooms.

(Gordon Geist) #2

No one answered? Just turned this on as Alexa Skill no longer getting updates from MyOpenhab reliably and stumped that color isnt supported under Hue Emulation

(Stuart Hanlon) #3

Have you tried the Color or Colour tag?

It is my understanding that…

Lighting means a simple single channel dimmer

Switchable means a simple ON or OFF state.

I’d love to know how to get colour picking working with Google Assistant

(Gordon Geist) #4

Yes. Looking at the Hue Emulation code - not seeing where the color tags are translating to passing on anything other than dimmable light.