Cannot Modify or Delete Items


I am running the very latest OH2 snapshot from 8/22. I am struggling to update a subset of my items. This message occurs in my logs:

2017-08-23 10:02:30.668 [WARN ] [] - Cannot update existing item 'TXNR5010BasementOnkyo_Zone1_Power', because is not managed.

When I attempt to delete the items, I see this:

2017-08-23 10:04:34.136 [INFO ] [] - Received HTTP DELETE request at 'items/TXNR5010BasementOnkyo_Zone1_Power' for the unknown item 'TXNR5010BasementOnkyo_Zone1_Power'.

I originally had errors in my logs similar to this after an upgrade, but I don’t any longer after multiple restarts.

Any ideas on how to find the items that are broken or unmanaged, clean them up? I don’t mind recreating them if I know which ones require recreation and cleanup.

You use an item-file?
When U used one, the items will not be editable over Paper-UI.

These items have all been configured via Paper UI, not an items file.

Try the smarthome commands:

I will check it out. I have a LOT of items and things. Clearing all items and things is a huge challenge. I will see what options I can come up with.

Just did some testing and the "smarthome:items remove " option says it was successful - yet the item is not removed. I am hesitant to try a clear and remove everything.

Did you ever try deleting the contents of the cache and tmp folder? Just a guess, maybe it helps …

No luck. OH2 and Karaf continue to be unable to remove the items at all. I am on build 1023 currently.