Can't connect google home to anymore

I moved my openhab server to another device and created a new link in
I still can use my devices via the cloud functionallity. Also the IFTTT app can connect to my private openhab server.

In google assistant I removed the openhab connection service. In the google assitant I tried to include the openhab connection again. I can login into the and select ‘allow’ to use the OAuth application authorization.

The problem is that, after I accept the authoriazation, google assisten tells me (during the account linking) that it can’t update the settings and I have tot check my connection.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong.

you will get this error even if the connection succeeds (I know… it’s misleading).
Did you try to sync your devices in Google Assistant to see if they come up?
remember that the exposed Items need to have at least 1 state update to appear under

Check: HowTo: Listen & Talk to your Home

MrHutt, Have you updated your openhab? Try

Any solution for this?
I’m in the same situation, and it’s pretty annoying.
Trying to link openhab with items exposed and I get “can’t update the settings, check your connection”

And no, it’s not google home, as linking for instance iRobot still works.