Can't get IP-Camera (Tapo C200) to work, although its thing is online

I installed the IP-camera-binding and installed a Tapo C200 which is supposed to support onvif. After some struggling, I managed to create the thing and it’s shown as online (settings: 1st screenshot). Then I added items for all channels that were available. However only very few of them show something other than NULL (2nd screenshot). At least RTSP URL shows the correct address. I know it’s correct because I it works with VLC where the stream is shown.
However, when I try to use this address or the item in a ‘video card’, no stream is shown (3rd screenshot).
My questions:

  • How to get the stream working?
  • Can I get the other items filled with data too? Or are they not supported by my camera and the channels/items are shown for every camera anyway, no matter if they support them or not?
  • What are the FFMPEG-settings good for? If they’re of any use, what should I enter there? (4th screenshot shows FFMPEG settings from iSpy, but I haven’t changed them yet)

The problem was that I hadn’t installed ffmpeg. For others with similar problems:

I got a Tapo TC70 and can get the rtsp stream working fine. But really stuck on getting the pan/tilt working. Would you be able to offer some advice? thanks.

My config


Thing ipcamera:onvif:cameraLounge [


Dimmer CameraLoungePan "Pan [%d] left/right" { channel="ipcamera:onvif:cameraLounge:pan" }
Dimmer CameraLoungeTilt "Tilt [%d] up/down" { channel="ipcamera:onvif:cameraLounge:tilt" }


Video url="" encoding="mjpeg" 
Switch item=CameraLoungePan mappings=[INCREASE="Left",OFF="STOP",DECREASE="Right"]
Switch item=CameraLoungeTilt mappings=[INCREASE="Down",OFF="STOP",DECREASE="Up"]

ONVIF offer 3 methods to move a camera plus a 4th way with PRESETS. Not all cameras support all of these 4 ways, so you should first test what you camera can do with the software called onvif device manager which can also be used to create the onvif preset locations with.

If you are on OH3, then there is a widget in the marketplace to make moving the camera easy, but you still need to know if the camera works with continuous move, absolute move or one of the other ways to tell the widget what method to use that your camera supports.