Can't get rid of HTTP PUT Info messages in logs since purging Items


Trying to get rid of a spurious message about a item that was deleted, I followed another thread about using the command
All my wanted items have been defined and given simpler names in an .items file for some time but regardless I was not getting any warnings, every time a sensor changed I guess both ‘items’ were being updated.

Now my logs look like this.
2017-07-27 10:07:42.763 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Living_Lum changed from 3839.0001664 to 3144.999936

2017-07-27 10:07:51.429 [INFO ] [] - Received HTTP PUT request at ‘items/zway_zwayDevice_192_168_1_210_4_sensorLuminosity_ZWayVDev_zway_4_0_49_3/state’ for the unknown item

Living_Lum is defined in the Items file as
Number Living_Lum “Brightness” (FibaroSens) {channel = “zway:zwayDevice:192_168_1_210:4:sensorLuminosity-ZWayVDev_zway_4-0-49-3”}

You see the link.
In things (not defined in a .thing file but through the PaperUI) the sensor is only linked to the Living_Lum item

How do I get rid of the spurious messages now?

Solved through the following post