Cant install Influxdb persistance! restarts the system

Hi, using OH 2.5.12. I install it and then i get this message, cant install it despite it showing installed in paperui

So I uninstall it. Stop OH, Clear the Cache, start OH and its STILL showing:

17:03:28.521 [ERROR] [.core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing ‘openhab-persistence-influx’

but its not installed. As a result of this stupidity, it likes to restart Zwave constantly.

addons.cfg is empty except for:

# A comma-separated list of persistence services to install (e.g. "persistence = rrd4j,jpa")
persistence = influxdb



You’ve got addons.kar available?

Yep, did all that.

Using the addons.cfg file. Some bindings I cant even see ! theres just so much conflicting information, such as looking at the URL to get the add on name, which doesnt work for say ‘bom’ - Australian BoM or broadlink.

This sort of stuff really should not be this hard for a user thats been using OH for years

This implies there’s a request to install influx somewhere - not influxdb

Seek out and delete the addons.config cache file (note the extension). This forces a new file build.

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As I replied on the other thread. That information is still correct. But the only Broadlink binding I can find evidence of was not added until OH 3.1. I can find no evidence of a BoM binding having ever been added to openHAB proper. Perhaps it’s a third party add-on in which case adding it to addons.cfg isn’t going to work anyway. You’ll have to find and download the jar file.

Thanks guys

The doco should be updated to reflect

  • Unsupported bindings should be placed in the addons folder, with no reference in the addons.cfg file
  • If using addons.cfg, don’t install bindings via paperui
  • If using paperui, leave addons.cfg blank

This is at least for 2.5.x

That’s completely up to the supplier of the unsupported whatever it is, to tell you how to use their product.

Note that the 2.5 and 3.0 docs are basically fixed. Unless it’s something really bad, such as the URLs to download packages are pointing in the wrong place, those docs are not going to be updated.

Through manually provided add-ons

Place the .jar file in the addons folder on the machine you are running openHAB on. As described already for the addons.cfg option, the path depends on your installation. Place the .jar file in the folder Additional add-on files as described in File Locations (Linux, Windows or macOS).

Textual configuration is a one-way street. Likewise, openHAB settings defined in services/addons.cfg and services/runtime.cfg will take precedence over any settings made via Main UI.

See above.

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