Cant remove Associations

OpenHab 2.5.10
Rpi 4
Aeotec Z-stick Gen5
Namron 200w Dimmer 1402756
(freshly installed Openhabian. Dimmer rapports instantly when manually operating)


  1. Openhab reads current state of Y
  2. Openhab sends command to dim to X
  3. Lights actually dims to X
  4. Openhab sets new state back to Y
  5. (Lights still at X)

[node 12]

zwave_debug_namron2.txt (39.6 KB)

Did some research and thought there would be issues with the Group Associations: (Should 2:Basic Set and 3:Switch Multilevel be null?

Then I tried to remove the Associations from Group 2 and 3, with no luck. But its still stuck on Controller

[node 30] (changed after a desperate re-inclusion)

DEBUG_namron_ass.txt (55.2 KB)

Why cant I change/remove the Associations? And how likely is it that this causes my issues with rapports?

Ive got some rapporting (Associations?)issues with some other nodes in (These nodes wont rapport manually operated actions) in this thread

Because group 2 and 3 are dedicated to the controller in the database. This is wrong. I will fix this and after a couple of days you need to upgrade to the latest zwave snapshot binding.


@sihui Thanks! now I can finally get some sleep!

btw could you look at this too? Are both groups supposed to be controller?

I have had a similar problem trying to remove the controller from Group 2 with the

DMMS1 Dome Z-Wave Plus Motion Detector with Light Sensor and Flexible Magnetic Mount

Could that also be a database issue? Frankly I gave up (was trying to reduce traffic) but have decided to live with it.


It is not supposed to be that way. . For Z-Wave Plus Group 1 is supposed to be the lifeline for the controller.

I changed this for the next database export.


Yes it was. Changed for the next database export and binding snapshot.


Thanks Bruce!


Hate to be pest but I noticed the

ZSE18 Motion and Vibration Sensor

also has the controller permanently in group 2. Could you see if that is also a DB issue?



Not sure what happened. I know there war a recent database restore but that should not have done this.

Thanks again.

I would note that these fixed associations of controller in Group 2 go back quite a bit (months)

I overlooked this during first approval in 2018 :joy:

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When will the these fixes be available. And how do I update them? I tried searching, but I seemed to find different answers and dead links?

That depends on when busy @chris exports the database so the new snapshot bindings get the changes. It appears my last changes were after his last export.

I would love to mark the thread as SOLVED, While i’m waiting on the latest snapshot with the changes on
Namron, I included three new Namron Dimmers, but this time I even got the wrong binding.

That entry has not changed since openHAB 2.5.3.

This is not a database problem as the manufacturer id is different.

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I’m not sure I follow…

My Namron dimmers says ID:0202:0002, and the first one did get the correct entry a couple of weeks ago
Now there’s a new entry in the database (EcoBridge, upd 2020-03-12) with the same Type:ID

Could two database entry have the same Type:ID?

Devices are differentiated via manufacturer id AND (logical AND) device type AND device id.

Yes, as long as the manufacturer id is different.