Can't remove Things from Tesla Binding

First of I’m completely new to openHAB and just wanted to start with getting my Tesla M3 integrated so I setup a RPi4 with the newest openHab 2.5.1 and installed the Tesla Binding.
Then after following the description I got an ONLINE Account bridge - which was a nice thing :slight_smile:
After that I managed to screw it up somehow and now finally I’m in a situation where I would like to start from scratch but I’ve 2 things left in my Things that can’t be deleted!

  • When I try to remove them from PaperUI I just get a “Can’t be deleted - Conflict”
  • When looking to the tail-log I see this “2020-11-21 07:31:39.806 [INFO ] [st.core.internal.thing.ThingResource] - Received HTTP DELETE request for update at ‘things/tesla:account:myaccount’ for an unmanaged thing ‘tesla:account:myaccount’.”
  • When trying to remove the thing from the karaf console using the smarthome:things remove command I also get an error that this isn’t possible

I need to state here that I completely deleted all .items and .things files but these things seem to be alive somewhere else (database?)

So now my main question:
Is there a way to factory-reset the openHAB installation or how do I get rid of these 2 zombie-things.

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

Hey Stefan,
you could try to clear the cache of your openhab installation.
To do that log in to Karaf-Console ( and Clear the Cache.

Hey that one did the job!
There was something else going wrong on my RPi4 as it seems that multiple instances of OH were running but after a “sudo reboot” everything is looking a lot better now.
The “zombie-things” are gone and the only thing left in the UI could be scheduled to remove (which is currently ongoing)

Thx and best regards

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