Can't set value for datapoint 'NEQxxxxxxx:1#NEXT_TRANSMISSION'


I’m using a Homematic indoor motion detector, HM-Sec-MDIR-2. As far as I can see, everything works fine.

But at least at each system restart I get the following warning:
==> /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log <==
2017-12-31 21:35:30.737 [WARN ] [ommunicator.parser.GetParamsetParser] - Can’t set value for datapoint ‘NEQxxxxxxx:1#NEXT_TRANSMISSION’

Essentially it’s exactly the same @stephen_winnall described one year ago at #17694 :slight_smile: But pull request #1858 does not cover this piece of hardware?

I’m using openhab2-2.2.0-1 release build.

Best wishes for 2018! :tada: :tada: :tada: