Homematic: unknown datapoint

I’ve got a Wireless Motion Detector, outdoor (HM-Sen-MDIR-O), which seems to be working correctly.

However, in openhab2.log I get the following warning:

2016-12-03 22:31:44.709 [WARN ] [ommunicator.parser.GetParamsetParser] - Can't set value for datapoint 'xEQnnnnnnn:1#NEXT_TRANSMISSION'

If I examine the Thing in Paper UI there is no such datapoint, so the warning is not surprising from that point of view, though perhaps superfluous :wink:


Hi Steve

Got the same "problem"with a HM-Sen-MDIR-O-2 (probably the same device as yours):
2017-02-06 17:11:18.249 [WARN ] [ommunicator.parser.GetParamsetParser] - Can't set value for datapoint 'LEQ098XXXX:1#NEXT_TRANSMISSION'

I’m not trying to set the datapoint so I was a bit confused. Not really sure what to do about it, maybe report a bug ?

I don’t know :-). It’s only a cosmetic - though irritating - thing. If the developers haven’t picked up on my post or yours they might not think it worth the effort.


I had a look into the datapoint configuration files and I did not find this device there. The list contains HM-Sen-MDIR-O but not HM-Sen-MDIR-O-2.
@gerrieg can you look at it?

That’s again a CCU bug. The CCU sends not metadata but values for this datapoint. So the binding does not know what it should do with this value. However, the device would have to function properly.
You can ignore this warning, but it’s not optimal to have warnings in the logfile. Therefore i suppress the message now for this device and datapoint with this PR


Thanks for the explanation. As you say, the device functions properly, but the message is annoying. Thanks for the fix.