Centralite 3400 keypad

Hi Guys,

I’m new to this so excuse me for incomplete details:

I’ve set up a openhab instance on my raspberry pi 3. I bought a husbzb-1 dongle in order to discover zigbee and z-wave things. I bought a centralite 3400 keypad (which is zigbee supported). I successfully added this thing in my list. but now I want to configure it so that i can arm/disarm other things (those other things are not yet installed) I want to get this working first. For instance if i type in the correct code + disarm i get an email or something like that.

now the Centralite has 5 channels but none of them are ‘linked’ with the keypad? see image

Can you please help me out how to get this done?



It looks like all channels are linked (ie they have the icon to show they are linked to items). What do you mean by they aren’t linked to the keypad? Do you mean they don’t do anything or what exactly?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply.

Indeed the 5 available channels are linked (and working well). for example, i can see the temperature.

But it seems their is no channel to ‘arm’ or ‘disarm’ or ‘track the pressed buttons’. or how should i get these values in openhab?



Is there a “Show More” button on the right side of the screen? If so, try that and see if other channels show up.

These are not implemented at the moment - ie - the binding is not supporting these features.

hmmm so i’m unable to track the keystrokes? or is there a way to track them without the channels?

What do you mean by tracking keystrokes?

well, since the centralite 3400 is a keypad i’d like to use it to arm and disarm some door/window sensors… So if someone types in a certain pin code. I need to check if it is correct and if so arm/disarm the sensors.

As I said above, these features are not supported at this time.