Chamberlain MyQ Binding in openhab2

Continuing the discussion from Chamberlain MyQ Binding:

In the current 2016.01.27 openhab2 the chamberlain myq binding doesn’t show up as a “standard” binding.
I realize it isn’t a 2.0 binding but many (ecobee, insteon, etc.) 1…x binding show up as 1.8 or 1.9 binding in OH2.

MyQ does not. I haven’t yet tried manually putting a copy of it in the addons folder because I have too many other moving parts right now but will get back to it sometime.

@scooter_seh - any plans to try/test OH2?

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I can report it seems to be working fine in OH2.

Thx Dan.

Based on the good news here, I created a pull request so it can be installed via the PaperUI in OH2.