Change default forum search revisited

Hi everyone:
I made a suggestion which got 7 likes about changing the default forum search (link below)
tl:dr Default forum search is most relevant I propose making it most recent

Sorry, it got locked but anyhow, I’m trying to use the search and it really seems even more relevant now with OpenHAB 3 coming out soon and so much stale information in the forum pertaining to older versions of everything. I was searching for info to flash card with openhabian to install OH3 and with search criteria: ‘OpenHAB 3 openhabian install’ top returned result was from 2016 or 17
(where is face palm emoji?) :tired_face:

If you like or dislike this idea, please express how you feel
Also, is this something I can raise an issue on github? and if so where but I fear the forum software is not part of openhab directly or if this is even possible to change

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