Change User Agent in HTTP Binding

I’m having an issue where a site is unhappy to respond to my http requests due to the Jetty user agent (tested using Postman app - if I use the Jetty user agent, I get 403, if I change to almost anything else I get a response). I understand I can add headers to my http thing and I have added a user-agent header. However, when I look at the log in trace mode, it appears the binding still adds the Jetty user agent in addition to my specified user agent.

Is it possible to change the default user agent? Alternatively, is it possible that the binding simply doesn’t append a user agent if one is specified in the headers section?

Thanks for any assistance!

This behavior also was mentioned here: Web Socket Error on AmazonEchoControl binding every 65 seconds - #191 by J-N-K . According to your description it seem still to exist. Then I think it would worth the time to fill an issue on github.

With the official version it is not possible since Jetty always adds its own user-agent header. This not configurable for the user.

Hi, I am experiencing the same issue. Jetty User Agent is “403 forbidden” on the Website that I need to use. Is there any potential workaround, by e.g. modifying the Jetty package or configuration?
@J-N-K you mentioned “not possible with the official version”. Is there an unofficial one which might help?
I am desperate…
Many thanks!

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what would you like todo ? I would assume that in case the http binding can be used the functionality also should be available by using curl / wget and create a shell script. It is possible to set the useragent for both of them.

Yes, shell script with wget would be some kind of last resort but require some coding. Still trying to get it to run with the more comfortable binding…

For reference: