Channel Command Description Provider gives lot of errors

Seeing lot of lines in openhab.log like this:

2023-04-04 14:47:42.239 [ERROR] [al.ChannelCommandDescriptionProvider] - Dynamic command description matches original command description. DynamicCommandDescriptionProvider implementations must never return the original command description. class org.openhab.core.internal.types.CommandDescriptionImpl has to be fixed.

and have no idea what is wrong.
In fact, all is working as expected, I see no failure, so where to start to get this fixed?

Version is openHAB3.4.2, but pretty sure I saw this log lines in other Versions, too.

That’s a bug. Do you know which binding creates that?

No, no Idea. Is there a chance to track that down directly (i.e. without disabling each binding and look for no more messages)?

My Bindings are  ConnectedCar Binding  Danfoss Binding
3.4.2               Astro Binding
3.4.2               DWD Pollenflug Binding
3.4.2               DWD Unwetter Binding
3.4.2               Epson Projector Binding
3.4.2               Feed Binding
3.4.2               Fronius Binding
3.4.2               Home Connect Binding
3.4.2               HTTP Binding
3.4.2               IpCamera Binding
3.4.2               KNX Binding
3.4.2               MQTT Broker Binding
3.4.2               MQTT EspMilightHub
3.4.2               MQTT Things and Channels
3.4.2               MQTT HomeAssistant Convention
3.4.2               MQTT Homie Convention
3.4.2               Network Binding
3.4.2               Network UPS Tools Binding
3.4.2               NTP Binding
3.4.2               OpenWeatherMap Binding
3.4.2               SamsungTV Binding
3.4.2               Samsung Smartthings Binding
3.4.2               SqueezeBox Binding
3.4.2               VDR Binding
3.4.2               Yamaha Receiver Binding
3.4.2               Persistence Service :: InfluxDB
3.4.2               Persistence Service :: JDBC
3.4.2               Persistence Service :: RRD4j
3.4.2               Transformation Service :: JavaScript
3.4.2               Transformation Service :: JSonPath
3.4.2               Transformation Service :: Map
3.4.2               Transformation Service :: RegEx
3.4.2               Transformation Service :: Scale

(shortened the list by identical columns). I’ve already stoped the manually installed Addons (ConnectedCar & Danfoss) with no luck.

I can enforce the error Messages to happen by reloading the Items list in VS Code openHAB Plugin, but maybe it’s not enough to stop the bundle?

Got it!

(As there are always three error lines at once, I thought… maybe an addon with three things? And sure enough, I have 3 vdr instances to watch for - bundle:stop - no more errors…

For reference:

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I have exactly the same Error Message. I have currently the Version 3.4.4-4.

I tried the 4.0.1 Version. But it did not work with my openjdk. I installed also jdk 17. Now I downgraded back to 3.4.4.

The rules, HabPanel, Sitemaps are running well also on the Mobile App on Apple Device.

But the UserInterface under “IPofthesystem”:8080 is not running. I can not change anything. I am running my system on an Rasperry Pi now for more than 3 years.

Can you help me? What kind of informations do you need?

The Error itself DynamicCommandDescriptionProvider implementations must never return the original command description.:
This is under inspection, afaik. See github link for details.

In question of issues with update, wrong topic :slight_smile: but there are tons of topics on hot to upgrade successful to openHAB4.