Vdr binding

Last time I tried this out with the recent nightly version (about 2 weeks ago) the vdr binding did not work anymore. I will have to retry this, 'cause this is the last show stopper for an upgrade.

Nevertheless, a true vdr2 binding is more than eligible.

The binding I installed in June is working fine (at least for me – on version 2.4.0.M5 :-).

The binding’s README.md was confusing to me in the section of basic configuration, but I finally found out how to do it. To make the README better I opened a PR https://github.com/openhab/openhab1-addons/pull/5701.

Where do I find the VDR binding? in Paper UI I cant find it.

The VDR binding is an openHAB v1 binding. By default v1 bindings are hidden unless you select the option to show them as well (in PaperUI go to Configuration->System and then in the “Add-on Management” section enable the “Include Legacy 1.x Bindings” option).


Thanks for the fast response. I have






Group gVDR
Switch VDR_LivingroomPower          "VDR (livingroom) Power"          (gVDR) {vdr="LivingRoom:powerOff"}
String VDR_LivingroomOSDMessage     "VDR (livingroom) OSD message"           {vdr="LivingRoom:message"}
Switch VDR_LivingroomChannelUpDown  "VDR Livingroom Channel Up/Down"  (gVDR) {vdr="LivingRoom:channel"}
Number VDR_LivingroomChannel        "VDR Livingroom Channel"          (gVDR) {vdr="LivingRoom:channel"}
Switch VDR_LivingroomVolumeUpDown   "VDR Livingroom Volume Up/Down"   (gVDR) {vdr="LivingRoom:volume"}
Number VDR_LivingroomVolume         "VDR Livingroom Volume"           (gVDR) {vdr="LivingRoom:volume"}
Switch VDR_LivingroomRecording      "VDR (livingroom) Recording"      (gVDR) {vdr="LivingRoom:recording"}

in the logs I see

2019-07-08 21:15:41.986 [INFO ] [b.core.service.AbstractActiveService] - VDR Monitor Service has been started
2019-07-08 21:30:13.988 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'vdr.items'
2019-07-08 21:31:42.098 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VDR_LivingroomRecording changed from NULL to OFF

in karaf I see

openhab> smarthome:items list VDR*
VDR_LivingroomRecording (Type=SwitchItem, State=OFF, Label=VDR (livingroom) Recording, Category=null, Groups=[gVDR])
VDR_LivingroomChannelUpDown (Type=SwitchItem, State=NULL, Label=VDR Livingroom Channel Up/Down, Category=null, Groups=[gVDR])
VDR_LivingroomChannel (Type=NumberItem, State=NULL, Label=VDR Livingroom Channel, Category=null, Groups=[gVDR])
VDR_LivingroomOSDMessage (Type=StringItem, State=NULL, Label=VDR (livingroom) OSD message, Category=null)
VDR_LivingroomVolumeUpDown (Type=SwitchItem, State=NULL, Label=VDR Livingroom Volume Up/Down, Category=null, Groups=[gVDR])
VDR_LivingroomVolume (Type=NumberItem, State=NULL, Label=VDR Livingroom Volume, Category=null, Groups=[gVDR])
VDR_LivingroomPower (Type=SwitchItem, State=NULL, Label=VDR (livingroom) Power, Category=null, Groups=[gVDR])

What am I missing? When are the other items being set?

I just know where to find the binding. I don’t know if it still works ok.

I would expect that the items will change state when they receive an updated state from VDR, e.g. when you control the volume or select a different channel that you will then see the new state for the specific item.

Thanks. Will check. Sending Off to Power is not having effect yet. Will look into debugging later the week.

I’m interested in using the vdr-binding. Today I tested org.openhab.binding.vdr-1.14.0-SNAPSHOT & openhab2.5.0.M3 with the above settings. Unfortunately it does not work.

In Karaf it shows the Binding as active:
“258 │ Active │ 80 │ │ org.openhab.binding.vdr”

Logfile shows:
"[ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing ‘openhab-binding-vdr’’’

Is there a chance to get a working vdr1 or vdr2 Binding? who is the developer of the Binding and
is he/she still active?

Did you install the OH1 Compatibility Layer yet? (Maybe by installing another OH1 Binding which already works as intended)

EDIT: just tried to install and seems to work:

2019-10-16 13:51:27.236 [INFO ] [b.core.service.AbstractActiveService] - VDR Monitor Service has been started

EEDIT2: Yep, working:

2019-10-16 14:07:29.450 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VDR_FF_Parents_Rec changed from NULL to OFF
2019-10-16 14:07:29.453 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VDR_GF_Living_Rec changed from NULL to OFF
2019-10-16 14:07:29.936 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VDR_FF_Server_Rec changed from NULL to ON

Other 1.x bindings work eg. Fritzbox tr064. Ok, if I just copy the file xxx.jar into the openhab\addons folder and do not set in addons.cfg bindings = …, vdr (otherwise the error will appear: Failed installing ‘openhab-binding-vdr’) then i
get in logfile:
“[b.core.service.AbstractActiveService] - VDR Monitor Service has been started”

and in event.log e.g.
…CommandEvent] - Item ‘vdr_wz_VolumeUpDown’ received command ON
…CommandEvent] - Item ‘vdr_wz_VolumeUpDown’ received command OFF
…ItemStateChangedEvent] - vdr_wz_VolumeUpDown changed from OFF to ON
…ItemStateChangedEvent] - vdr_wz_VolumeUpDown changed from ON to OFF

The VDR then reacts in principle to the PowerOff switch and switches off ‘Mute’ if you press the switch ‘VolumeUpDown’. It does not show any volume or channel number. In addition, I do not know how to turn the volume up or down with a switch in sitemap

It is also unclear why the binding can even access the VDR although nowhere (eg. vdr.cfg) a user and password are stored

The function of the binding is unclear to me and I think it should be revised

You can’t install a binding not mentioned as compatible to OH2 with the addons.cfg, so the message is absolutely correct. Don’t touch addons.cfg for manual installation, as it’s … manual…

Did you configure a device in services/vdr.cfg yet? I’m not sure about user/password, as I did not set any user/password in my vdr.
As Volume is a Number, you will have to link to a Number Item or at least to a Dimmer Item.
As Channel is also a Number, you will have to link this to a Number Item (and use setpoint in the sitemap to change the channel).

Dear all,

is there anyone who’d be interested in a VDR binding for openhab2 or openhab3?

I’ve created a binding for my personal use based on the original openhab 1 binding.
As my time is limited I wouldn’t invest the effort to polish it for public use if there is no interest in it.


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I raise my hand! I use the binding to send messages from OH to the TV screen.

Dear @ruperts, thanks for your feedback.
Here’s a binary for openhab 2.5.x.

A thing needs to be created for each vdr. Either in PaperUI or in things file.
Thing vdr:vdr:srv “VDR” @ “Serverschrank” [ ip=“”, port=6419, refresh=30 ]

Shutdown, Volume and Channel can be changed. Message and Keycode support.
Current and Next EPG entry are also available by polling.

Thanks for a short feedback if it works.

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Hello Matthias,

works perfectly: I simply stopped OH (I’m on version 2.5), exchanged the jar file (was vdr-1.15.0 before), and started OH. No other changes were necessary. Thank you!

So far working perfectly. I’m using yavdr0.6 (vdr2.2) and yavdr ansible (vdr2.4).


This was the last bit OH1 remaining in my OH2 System, so now I can check to upgrade to OH3…

Of course it would be really nice to see this binding as an official binding :wink:

Thanks for your Feedback!

I will definitely give it a try to do an official submit.
But I use a library (svdrp4j) that is not available in the common maven repositories and the whole process to get the binding ready for a pull request is quite complicated for the hobby programmer I am.

Compiled Version for oh3.
Hint for configuration: I changed configuration property name from “ip” to “host”


Repository containing code for current version:
Enhancement request:
[vdr] New binding: replacement for openhab1 vdr binding


There seems to be a problem, at least with the current version for openHAB 3.4.2



for reference.

When a thing with vdr addon is active, there is an error Message in the log each time the Items list is loaded (e.g. in VS Code openhAB plugin):

[ERROR] [al.ChannelCommandDescriptionProvider] - Dynamic command description matches original command description. DynamicCommandDescriptionProvider implementations must never return the original command description. class org.openhab.core.internal.types.CommandDescriptionImpl has to be fixed.

If stopping the bundle, the errors are gone immediately.