Chart will not show any value

Hello everybody

In Openhab 1.8 the chart was well working. But in Openhab2 I doesn’t get it working…
My chart is not showing anything.

The persistence default service is set to rrd4j (in the Paper UI -> Configuration -> System)


Group         Weather_Temp_Chart                                                                            (g_Weather)
Number        Weather_Temp                  "Outside temperature[%.1f °C]"                <temperature>       (Weather_Temp_Chart)       {weather="locationId=mylocation, type=temperature, property=current"}
Number        Weather_Temp_Max              "Day Maximum [%.1f °C]"                    <temperature>       (Weather_Temp_Chart)
Number        Weather_Temp_Min              "Day Minimum [%.1f °C]"                    <temperature>       (Weather_Temp_Chart)
Number        Weather_Temp_Chart_Period     "Chart Period"                              <line>


      Frame {
        Switch item=Weather_Temp_Chart_Period label="Chart Period" mappings=[0="Hour", 1="Day", 2="Week"]
        Chart item=Weather_Temp_Chart period=h refresh=6000 visibility=[Weather_Temp_Chart_Period==0, Weather_Temp_Chart_Period=="Uninitialized"]
        Chart item=Weather_Temp_Chart period=D refresh=30000 visibility=[Weather_Temp_Chart_Period==1]
        Chart item=Weather_Temp_Chart period=W refresh=30000 visibility=[Weather_Temp_Chart_Period==2]

The rules are working well, i have no errors or warnings in the log.
So why is there no chart visible?
Can someone help me, please?


How does your rrd4j.cfg file look like?

its empty!


# please note that currently the first archive in each RRD defines the consolidation
# function (e.g. AVERAGE) used by OpenHAB, thus only one consolidation function is
# fully supported
# default_numeric and default_other are internally defined defnames and are used as
# defaults when no other defname applies

#<defname>.items=<list of items for this defname> 

Do i have to configure this file? If yes, how?


At least the last line has to be used, otherwise nothing will get persisted. In the rrd4j.persist the strategy is set, in here the items are selected for persistence.

Hello thanks for your support

Now it works… I made several faults :frowning:

The main faults were:

  1. adding the items on the last line on the rrd4j.cfg - file
  2. adding the items on the rrd4j.persist - file

thanks for your help

I have same problem here

how can i modify last line of rrd4j.cfg?
and there is no rrd4j.persist file in persistance folder

Using any texteditor!
the last line of my rrd4j.cfg looks like:


Preislogger is the name of my db!

If you don’t have a rrd4j.persist, you need to create one.
Mine looks like this:


Strategies {
    everyMinute : "0 * * * * ?"

Items {
   E10_1, E10_2 : strategy = everyMinute
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tnx, I install Mysql server
create database named openhab
user: openhab
create mysql.persist and put these lines:

put it in userdata/persistance folder
edit mysql.cfg as follows:

rrd4j as follows:

and rrf4j.persist like this:

create item and sitemap, but data not showing up in chart, it is shown as number in openhab
tnx again for your time

Why did you do anything with my sql ? Your db is rrd4j, isn’t it?
You have to set the last three lines in the rrd4j.cfg starting with the name of your db " openhab".
If you have problems with those settings, just tell for how long you want to persist (maximum time you want to keep the data), since it is a temperature, I guess a maximum as consolidating function would be OK. I’l write back the suggested settings for those lines.

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To make it easier on you, here is my rrd4j.cfg:


I’m using 3 archives, the first holds 1440 values for the last 1440 minutes (i.e. one value per minute), the second 2016 values for the last 2016 5 minute steps (i.e. one value every 5 minute step over the last 52016 minutes) and the third holds 2688 values for the last 2688 15 minute steps (i.e. one value every 15 minute step over the last 152688 minutes)
The first archive is used to display the last 24 houres (2460=1440!)
The second archive is used to display the last week (5
2016=10080 or 72460=10080)
The third archive is used to display the last four weeks (152688=40320 472460=40320)

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tnx, im confused!
so i need only rrd4j? i thought i need both!
and what is my rrd4j database name then? your database is PreisLogger, but i can not find the database name of rrd4j
should i create one?
tnx agian

Yes, you don’t need mysql at all!
Use your name instead of “Preislogger” in my case, that is all you should need!

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nothing shows up!
my item file

my sitemap file:

am I doing something wrong? you said that use my name…I just use openhab, but I did not define “openhab” somewhere else! is this wrong?

Check to folder “/var/lib/openhab/persistence/rrd4j”, delete all *.rrd files (you should have only “esp_dht22_t.rrd”, but delete them all). rrd4j is known to have problems when changing the setup. Then wait some minutes and check the logging if values are persisted.

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tnx, after deleting those rrd file, and restarting openhab…
it does not recreate does files!:cry:

It least I got this one working for you!
Please note: this setup does hold data for the last 4 weeks only, looking beyond that isn’t possible!

I mean it does not recreate those files and not showing chart, it doesnt change

Oh, missed the NOT!
Did you install the rrd4j persistence at all via PaperUI?

yes, i even uninstall mysql and rrd4j
and reinstall rrd4j again