Charts displaying on local url but not remote

The charts are sometimes working for me on the mobile app from a remote URL. The mobile app with the local URL works perfectly fine for me everytime. e.g.
On mobile app using the remote url

On the mobile app using the local url setting

the example code is

sitemap charts label="charts" {
	Chart item=ZWaveNode022ZW100MultiSensor6_SensorTemperature refresh=30000 period=4h

If I set the refresh to be 3000 the chart will refresh and will alternate between displaying a chart and an empty chart.(between the two images above)

anyone have any idea why the chart is empty? any way to get the request logs that was sent to further debug on the server side?

I see the same problem, additionally I have problems when trying to show two images on the sitemap ( one locally stored the other from the internet) . I get the the same image displayed for both ( either the local one or the Internet one). Trying the same when connected to my local net net I get the two different images.

I see the same problem on both android and IOS…
The log shows errors like this one:

 [WARN ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Jetty request 4871158 failed: null

I noticed the same problem.
I will open an issue.

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I guess that is a mobile app issue? I will keep an eye on it for the next update

Same issue here.

I have the same problem for charts.