myopenHAB not displaying images/icons & charts correctly

There seems to be quite a few topics on the go at the moment which all seem to be hinting at the same thing that there appears to be a problem displaying images/icons when accessing UIs remotely via myopenHAB.


In IOS app the icons does NOT change correct state when using it remotely via myopenHAB.
In IOS app the icons DOES change correct state when using it via local access.

This problem started 1-2 weeks back, and I do not think it is related to the app, because no new versions of that has been released recently. Before mid jan 2018 it has been working perfectly regardless of the access method.

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Chart on my android phone not showing up while connecting to
Yesterday updated to 2.3.0 and the problem still exists.

When connnected localy, there is no problem.

For me too. (iOS app)

Connected via remote URL:

  • all light icons showing state ON
  • rollershutter icons are half opened
  • presence icon show present
    and so on…

Switches themselves are shown correctly

Connected via local URL everything is fine

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When using the android app if I switch to SVG icons I have the problem of missing icons rather than incorrect icons.

Also if I turn the screen on and off multiple times I can eventually get all my icons and charts to display.

+1 and my selve created icons, also did not correctly displayed in the remote session over iOS app.
Via webbrowser remote access, all icons displayed correctly.

On my phone when turning screen off and on again the chart appear but disappears at random.

Is it app related or related>???

How can we contact developers @

This is what i’am seeing; 1 chart works on this occasion 2 charts no data…

@digitaldan Is there any chance you can take a look at this issue since it hasn’t worked properly for me since the myopenHAB maintenance.

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And here is another topic on this problem

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Can someone declare an issue in the git repo of myopenhab?
I noticed the same problem with charts not correctly rendered when connected through myoprnhab. The problem is relatively rece.

I’m also experiencing the same kind of issues reported above. Especially, wrong icon presentation and states.
This only happens when accessing remotely over the APP (android). If accessing locally via APP or accessing via web broswer everything works fine and also much more fast, even remotely over a VPN.
I believe the issue must be at server side (
Who can help?

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Same issue here: iOS app shows wrong icon status when connected via myopenhab.

Same problem with icons and charts here.

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for me it seems that if i change from PNG to SVG icons in the OH App settings the icons’ getting changed accordingly to the item status.

Doesn’t work for me either on iOS app for charts and icons :frowning:

I have the same issue: iOS app shows wrong icon status when connected via myopenhab.

iOS: 11.2.5
OpenHAB: 2.2

Updating …

I found different behaviour depending Android OS.
I explain:
Smartphone’s from my girl-friend presents icons and states always correct, on local or remote connections.
I’ve compared both settings and the only diferencies are the Android OS version as well the user used for login. So, I tried to acess remotely on my smartphone using her credentials, but got the same behaviour - wrong icons and states.

In conclusion, the Android OS makes the diference.

Here are our configurations:

Both smartphones

  • openHAB Rest API version = 0.10.0.b1
  • openHAB = 2.0.0 - 16/12/2017 14:33:27
  • Remote server settings =

My smartphone (wrong icons and states)

  • Android 7.0

Her smartphone (corretc icons and states)

  • Android 4.4.2

Any tips?