Dynamic icons not working in Android app: Sometimes the problem/solution is not in openhab

Never had any of the dynamic icon problems I see pass by on the forum from time to time.
It always worked and the few times I had issues it was easy to find end eliminate the cause.

Recently however, on my android app say half of my dynamic icons didnt seem to work and the other half was OK. In the various desktop interfaces there was no problem.

Hmmmmmm what can it be? Nope, privileges on the files are the same, Mapping is OK, besides, it worked before and is still working in classic and basic interface.

OK, restart, clearchache, no result… Clear image cache on android app, nope, still the same.

And then after much pondering I decided to clear the Android app’s system cache from the phone’s ‘settings’ menu.

Sure, I had to re-enter some things but that was a breeze

Are you sure you tried it from remote over myopenhab.org? Because I did the same thing this morning without success. Otherwise I have to try it again…

Well, the failing of dynamic icons just suddenly appeared solely on my phone app.
I do not recall trying in in remote mode. Emptying the app’s system cache fixed it.

Now just to be clear (if necessary) I do not mean the setting in the app itself that says “clear images cache”, it was the phone’s "Settings-App Settings-Installed apps-openHAB-clear data"

Yes, I did clear/delete the App-Data as well. I’m asking because there is right know an issue with remote-connection over myopenhab.org:

In local network everything is fine. But it could be that your issue was not exactly related to this and is solved now.

Ah yes I see yr point. This was definitely a local issue