Chat Platform

(Sebastian) #1


could we get a chat platform going? Something like Mattermost (preferable) or Slack?
Something where people could ask for help or just chat?
What do you think?

(illnesse) #2

i dunno, i’ve seen several requests for this but nobody actually started something. Let’s just open a slack channel (as slack is probably more popular and people have it running anyways at work etc, at least i do :slight_smile: ), I’d love to hang out in there and chat. Irc would be fun too

(illnesse) #3

So i created can join here:

I added RSS hooks for the openhab/ESH related github repos and such.

Create slack channel
(Vincent Regaud) #4

Would it be possible to post an announcement for the Slack channel?

(Kai Kreuzer) #5

No. This has been discussed before and Slack is imho not a good idea as it does not keep the history, so information that is shared there will be lost after a while. So whatever anyone creates there, this does not qualify as an official project communication channel and thus I won’t do any announcement.

If there is a real huge need in the community for a chat system, I’d rather go for hosting one (e.g. Mattermost) by the openHAB Foundation. But that requires some efforts and hosting costs and for now I felt that the forum also does a good job for random discussions already.

If you want to read more about Slack for OSS projects, you might also want to have a look at (and similar posts).

(Vincent Regaud) #6

Good to know, thanks

(Adtwomey) #7

I just join got place to take DIY I think

(Garry Mitchell) #8

I agree completely with Kai. A chat system, for the purpose of asking for help/support, benefits two people only - the one asking a question, and… no, actually, just one person, providing that someone else is online at the exact same time who might know an answer.

Asking questions in a coherent manner on this forum benefits absolutely everyone, as it has no time-restraints on the reply, and anyone can both contribute and learn from it at a later date.

(Adtwomey) #9

Yep I think that too. But it’s ok to talk to ppl and say hi. But if you need help with something then with be the place.