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i have 2 Problems with the Chromecast Binding.

  1. I make annoncements over the chromecast audio sink, but if the chromecast is playing music at this time, the music stops (thats right) it plays the announcement and after that it should continue the music, but this is not done. So i have to restart the music after every announcement. I tried this with sonos, and their the music continues after the annoucement. Do i something wrong? or is this not supported by the chromecast binding?

  2. I have Bluetooth speaker connected to my audio chromecasts, but this speakers goes to standby after a while, so when an annoucement comes, i hear only the end of the announcement. is it possible to “Wake up” the speakers?


I had the same issue as your (2) with the Sonos binding, and solved it with a cron rule that plays a silent mp3 every hour. Stupid but effective.

I looked into the code on Github and found that your observation is correct, when a notification sound is played, the actually played sound/music is only stopped but not resumed after the notification is finished.
Feel free to issue an feature request on Github

Hello Dan,

thank you. I downloaded a 22000Hz Soundfile and play it before. Now it is okay!

Hello Jürgen,

thank you for searching, i create a featurerequest for this at Github with a link to here.


I have the same behaviour (1) with google home. If i listen music with deezer or radii on google home and the openhab tts say something it stops the music and never restart

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Funny, I’m using Sonos players and have never had any issues like that. Just tested it after a good night sleep with the say command.

Hi technopile,

i have created a featurerequest.


In case anyone comes looking for an option, I have just created a NodeRed flow that works for me.