Chromecast urls

Does anyone know what urls should be usable? I’m trying to play a iheartradio stream. On my pc a bunch of them work, but I can’t figure out the url that the chromecast will accept via the playurl command.

{“seedType”:“live”,“seedId”:6190,“rawLogo”:“",“url”:"/live/zm-6190/",“id”:6190,“score”:0,“name”:“ZM”,“responseType”:“LIVE”,“description”:"Hit Music Lives Here”,“band”:“FM”,“callLetters”:“ZMAK-FM”,“logo”:“",“freq”:“91.0”,“countries”:“NZ”,“streams”:{“rtmp_stream”:“rtmp://”,“hls_stream”:“”,“shoutcast_stream”:“”,“pls_stream”:“”,“secure_hls_stream”:“”,“secure_shoutcast_stream”:“”},“isActive”:true,“modified”:“1495731186144”,“markets”:[{“name”:“Auckland-ALR”,“marketId”:“465”,“sortIndex”:1,“city”:“Auckland”,“stateId”:73,“stateAbbreviation”:“AUK”,“cityId”:465,“country”:“NZ”,“countryId”:3,“primary”:true,“origin”:true}],“genres”:[{“id”:16,“name”:"Top 40 & Pop”,“sortIndex”:219,“primary”:true}],“feeds”:{“site_id”:“15247”,“feed”:“”},“format”:“Prov_Clear Channel New Zealand”,“provider”:“Clear Channel New Zealand”,“rds”:“ZM”,“website”:“”,“social”:{“twitter”:“Zmonline”}};

I’ve tried the


I’m not that experienced with Chromecast. But the URI below works for me.
Just for the sake of excluding other issues, try this link (I’m not sure if you would like this music :slight_smile:).
If it doesn’t, there is maybe something else going on.
If it does work, maybe your radio also provides an MP3 stream?

rule "Play an MP3 file"

    Item  TEST_Chromecast_GV_Living_Play_Trigger changed from OFF to ON

Yeah another station that did have an mp3 stream worked. I had a quick look at the chromecast api, and it said aac was supported, so I was hoping it would work.


If it helps at all…

I just tried a couple of the BBC URLs that are listed on this site - [](Suppertime blog - BBC radio streams)

In my use case…

I sent the command from the Experimental Rules engine.

Send a command

ChromeCast PlayUri

Command is just the URL as copied from the above site.

Is there a Solution to play a non mp3 Stream?
For Example via Karaph Command:
smarthome:audio stream chromecast:chromecast:598d4f3a243c69ae73ed124a8b8bc838

When i send the Url via rule to my Chromecast nothin happend.

I’m just guessing here…

I think… It’s something to do with the ChromeCast default player.

Now I might be wrong (very strong chance), but I think there isn’t a way for OH to tell the ChromeCast which player to use.

I’d like to tell it to use TuneIn so that I can then request streams that TuneIn supports. (As an example)


I have tried the link you posted by using the Play URL command in PaperUI/Control and it worked.

Likewise, I pasted the URL into the same command in an “Experimental Rules” Rule


And it worked too.

I haven’t got close to figuring out how the text based rules work yet… :frowning: