Como instalar Conbee II en openhab 3

Quiero instalar una luminarias que trabajan con Zigbee 3.0 Dali conv li y he comprado El conbee II para trabajar con el sistema demótico Openhab, y en estos momentos no soy capaz de instalar el coordinador CConbee II deconz

What error message do you get ?
Do you use openhabian ?



COMMUNICATION_ERROR Connection refused

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You can access your Conbee gateway via browser ?
You also unlocked the Conbee ( Getting Started - deCONZ REST-API ) although not required according to Dresden Elektronik deCONZ - Bindings | openHAB did you create an API key ?

No puedo defenderme en inglés, te agradezco la ayuda que puedas prestarme, google traduce tus mensajes, muchas gracias, estoy necesitado de ayuda, si el Conbee II funciona, no debía ser complicado de configurar

Muchas gracias por tu respuesta

He instalado el openhab 3 en una Raspberry como servidor domótico, tengo instalado un Z-wave controlando cuatro persianas y no tengo problemas funciona muy bien. Ahora quiero controlar a través de Zigbee 3.0 Dali conv li , con Conbee II como coordinador y me esta dando muchos problemas

Then you should use a translator before posting. It is not our job to translate your postings.
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I think your previous reply did not answer my question. Let me try it again:

  1. does your Conbee via browser access work ?
  2. the Dali is paired with Conbee and via browser you can controll Dali via Conbee ?
  3. Conbee does not work together yet with OH ( you get the error message that you reported ) ?
  4. did you create an API key in Conbee via browser ? ( see link I posted earlier )
  5. if you have not created an API key please create one
  6. please show / post your thing configuration for Conbee
  7. which port does your Conbee use ( standard port is 8080 ) which is in conflict with OH ( 8080 ).
    Either Conbee or OH needs to use a different port.
    I moved Conbee to port 8090.
    In case of conflicting port you will get an error message.
  8. what does sudo netstat -tulpn |grep -i deconz return ? Here it shows:
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      472/deCONZ          
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      472/deCONZ          
udp        0      0  *                           472/deCONZ

As I am using .things files my Conbee configuration looks like:

Bridge deconz:deconz:phoscon-gw [ host="", httpPort="8090", apikey="XXXXXXXXXX" ] {
   presencesensor      osram-presence     "Livingroom Presence"                 [ id="2" ]
   temperaturesensor   osram-temperature  "Livingroom Temperature"              [ id="3" ]


thank you very much for your patience and for your advice

The seller suggested that I contact the openhab forum to try to find a solution

I have installed openhab 3 on a Raspberry as a home automation server, I have installed a Z-wave controlling four blinds and I have no problems, it works very well. Now I want to control through Zigbee 3.0 Dali conv li, with Conbee II as coordinator and it is giving me many problems


You should install the phoscon gateway Add Conbee + Phoscon support · Issue #1473 · openhab/openhabian · GitHub

I have two Zigbee 3.0 DALI CONV LI modules to turn on groups of 6 luminaires according to the scheme, I want to control them through an openhab home automation server and I had thought of using the Conbee II as a coordinator,
At the moment I am not able to configure it, maybe they are not the right devices, I am open to other configurations

from you description it is not clear what the problems are

I want to install Zigbee 3.0 DALI CONV LI and when I go to install the deconz II binding OH it does not recognize it as Zigbee USB, and I can no longer continue