Configuration of "AC Device" thing with Melcloud Binding


I am a new and basic OpenHAB user, and trying to connect with mi AC Mitsubishi through Melcloud binding. I don’t fully understand one thing that keeps blocked without success, and is: once created “Melcloud Account” bridge thing with the user and key account, I don’t know what to do with the parameter “Device ID” of the “AC Device” thing configuration. I have tried to introduce different data with no success, since channels doesn’t work when creating points in my model.

The “Devide ID” field only gets numbers, but either the number or data I introduce the outcome is that the AC machine doesn’t recieve comunication from OpenHAB through wifi.

As additional details, it is not possible to switch on/off and select temperatures for example. I can select options from other channels, like orientation of the vane and speed of the air, but anyway with no action on the equipment.

The real life thing, that is mi AC machine communicates properly through wifi with my android phone with Melcloud App. This is something I’ve been doing from the beggining, much before starting to use OpenHAB.

Could somebody please guide me?

I working with OpenHAB 3.1 main UI in Chrome / Windows 10. My physical controllers are Aeotec Z-stick USB Gen 5 and Somfy Tahoma.

I have another things created from Qubino and Widom dimmers, and rollersshutters, awnings and screens with somfy motors, with some basic but interesting rules, and secondary controls with Hank 4 buttons and Remotec ZRC90 controllers.

I am working hard with OpenHAB but this Melcloud topic is killing me…

Thank you in advance

What do you need to do with it? Wasn’t it already completed in the discovered Thing offered to you when the account Bridge Thing was completed?

Hi Rossko

After discovering and installing the bridge thing Melcloud account, you have to install the thing “AC device”. This thing contains all the channels for dealing with the physical machine, and I don’t know what to type in the field Device ID, and is a compulsory filling field. I put the serial number of the machine but it doesn’t work. Here you can see:



As I understood it, these Things should be discovered and appear in your Inbox awaiting acceptance. Should you have multiple ‘AC device’ Things found, you can distinguish which is which by the pre-filled device ID obtained from your account.

Thank you

Unfortunately, the field “Devide ID” is empty when thing “AC Device” (I have only one AC machine) is created. I have tried to type the serial number of the machine and it doesn’t work. I don’t know what else I can do or type.

Misubishi Electric Technical Assistance in Spain don’t know much about either OpenHAB or Melcloud Binding or what is the code to be typed in the Thing.

I think I am going to forget about Melcloud binding and try with something like Remotec AC Z-Wave IR control or Logitech Harmony Hub.

I have thoroughly read all the info regarding Melcloud in the Community and can’t get more info.

Thanks again and regards

Don‘t create the thing, use discovery as written in the binding docs

Thank you Hans Jörg

It’s been a definitive solution.

I’m affraid that I installed AC Device presented by defect (not including MElCloud ID code), instead of discovering it and creating the real thing (with the Melcloud code).

A typical beginner mistake I guess…and a lack of patience during reading. :wink:

Thanks again to you and Rossko57

Great you got it sorted.
Please mark this topic as solved.