MEL Cloud binding doesn't "discover" AC Device


I read this thread (Configuration of "AC Device" thing with Melcloud Binding) but I’m not sure if I correctly understood it or at least it doesn’t work.

I first of all created a thing from the MEL Cloud Account in OpenHAB 3.2. Then I checked the inbox, but no AC Device was suggested. Then I created the A.C. Device from the MEL Cloud binding, but the Device ID, etc. was not recognized.

When I check the logs, I only can see this info:

[ternal.handler.MelCloudDeviceHandler] - No initial data available, bridge is probably offline. Ignoring command

May this cause the issue?

Can you tell me what’s meant with the sentence “Wasn’t it already completed in the discovered Thing offered to you when the account Bridge Thing was completed?” means? Where can I see the “discovered Thing”? In the inbox (there’s nothing in).

Thanks and kind regards!

I was able to get it running over the friday on my own: In the MEL Cloud thing, as in every thing, there’s a Scan button which can be used to automatically find the a.c. devices.