Configuration of blinds to openhab

I’m trying to make a smart blinds control system , i built up my system using esp8266 wifi module and burned the software image to it , then connected it to a servo motor .
Then i checked it using mqtt broker . i published to the topic and it worked well .

After that i tried to configure it to openhab , but it gave me no response .
those are my configuration files :
things file :

items file :

sitemaps file :

i have no rules file .
i think the problem is in my configuration .i’m trying a week ago but the problem still exists . please help me

The things file looks strange to me.
Here is the thing file for an esp8266 running espeasy that I’m using

Bridge mqtt:broker:baba "Mosquitto" @ "Systems"   [ host="host.domain.lan", secure=false ]
    Thing topic terrace_sprinklers  "Sprinklers esp 161" @ "Terrace" {
        Type switch : Sprinklers_switch "Sprinklers switch"    [ commandTopic="terrace_sprinklers/cmd", on="GPIO,14,0", off="GPIO,14,1" ]

And the switch item configuration
Switch Sprinklers_Switch "Sprinklers switch" (Switches){channel="mqtt:topic:baba:terrace_sprinklers:Sprinklers_switch"}

for the things file , this is the format i have been using for other systems such as (sonof switch and fire sensor ) , and they are working well

Can you display what is logged when you press the switch in the sitemap?

sorry , what switch you mean ?

What is in the openhab logs when you press Open/Half/Close?

that’s it

This is not ok
I’m not a very experienced openhab user but I think the problem is that you defined the button as a switch. I think that switch type can only be ON/ OFF. Try to change Switch to Dimmer.

Dimmer item=Mblinds ................

it doesn’t work . i seems that it is not possible to define something as a Dimmer in the sitemaps file .

not in the sitemap, in the items file

Are you just trying to send a number to your MQTT device?

I would change your Thing Channel Type to a number.

in the items file i have defined it as " Rollershutter "

I have something similar to your rollershuters

Sitemap file
Switch item=Kitchen_VentilationtMode label="Kitchen Ventilation" mappings=[0="Off",100="On",50="High"]

And here is the log
23:03:02.426 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘Kitchen_VentilationtMode’ received command 100
23:03:02.441 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Kitchen_VentilationtMode changed from 0 to 100

So I send the command 100 and the item state is changed to 100.
In your case you send the command 100 and the state is changed to NULL

You can try to send the command directly in the console with the
smarthome:update Mblinds 100

and check status with
smarthome:status Mblinds

sorry i don’t know what is console . where i could do that ?

i tried that , but the problem still exists

I think the problem is that you are giving your Rollershutter channel the name Rollershutter, and this doesn’t work. I’ve just tried it. What I have got working is the following:


Thing topic Mblinds "Mblinds" {
        Type number:Rollershutter1 "Rollershutter" [


Number nMblinds "Blinds [%s]" { channel="mqtt:topic:Mblinds:Rollershutter1" }


Switch item=nMblinds label="Blinds []" mappings=[0="Open", 56="Half", 100="Close"]
Slider item=nMblinds


When pressing “Half”, for example, 56 is sent to the Mblinds topic, as shown below from MQTT Explorer:

According to the docs Rolleshutter accepts UpDown, StopMove, Percent

i actually changed my config. files as follow

but unfortunately it still giving me null