Configuration of Ring Gen2 Door/Window Sensor

Hello openHABians/openHABites/etc… I’m having some trouble configuring a Ring Gen2 Door/Window (Contact) Sensor with my system. I would like to use the “open”/“close” status as a trigger for a light switch. My apologies in advance if there’s not enough information - this is my first time reaching out to the community for help; I’ll add more if asked. (I work in IT, so most issues have been manageable until this one.)


  • Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Aeotec Gen5 Z-Stick
  • openHAB image w/ openHAB Main (all up to date)


  • Ring Gen2 Door/Window Sensor [“Sensor”] loaded on Z-Wave Node 11
  • Sensor was included (after some trial and error)
  • Not reporting any data to the channels - maybe using the wrong item config?

Thing Configuration:

UID: zwave:device:master:node11
label: f2_bed_closet_sensor
thingTypeUID: zwave:ring_4sd2sz0en0_00_000
  config_1_1: 70
  config_2_1: 1
  config_6_2: 1500
  wakeup_node: 0
  wakeup_interval: 43200
  config_3_1: 5
  group_1: []
  config_4_1: 1
  node_id: 11
  config_5_2: 0
bridgeUID: zwave:serial_zstick:master

Do you have any ideas to get the Sensor to successfully include itself, and and that, the correct Item/channel link configuration to capture the “open”/“close” to use as a control for my light switch?

The device information is unknown to the binding. The usual cause of this for battery devices is they need to be woken up (a few times potentially) to allow the initialisation to complete.

Hi Jonathan,

Did you get this working?

I’m just trying to add one, but it’s appearing in PaperUI as unknown device.