Configuring ESP Easy GPIO as MQTT items in Paper UI

I have set up OpenHAB on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ following instructions for openHABian. At the first run it did several updates and my OpenHAB apperast to be version 2.4.0.

For MQTT I installed Embedded MQTT Broker from Add-ons under MISC category. That one worked out of the box.

My sensors, relays and LEDs are at ESP 8266 (Flashed with ESP Easy, GIT version: mega-20190110).

Purpose of current project is just testing, getting to know OpenHAB and eventually build something useful.

My goal in this project is to achieve two things. Read temperature of my DS18B20 temperature sensor and switch a LED on or off. DS18B20 is connected to ESP as a Device and LED is connected to GPIO pin. Readings and the switch for the LED I will display in HABPANEL.

ESP Easy <-> MQTT part works fine when testing with mqtt-spy. I read topics /ESP_suur/Temp1/Temperature1 which gives me value in Celsius and when Publishing Topic: /ESP_suur/cmd with Data: GPIO,12,1 it turns my LED on.

I have read two and a half times all the topics under Concepts at OpenHAB documentation. I have searched the community forum, but most posts lead me to editing configuration files. According to MQTT Arrives in the Modern openHAB 2.x Architecture article it should be possible to accomplish all in Paper UI. I get lost when it first mentions Channels which were mentioned in the documentation. I can’t find such a thing as a Channel in Paper UI.

I am little bit confused about Items and Things too. According to OpenHAB documentation Concepts Overview, should my LED be defined as item or as as MQTT thing? Or should I define both? Adding it as Item, I have only Name, Label, Category, Type and Auto Update settings that can be set. Nothing that would reference to MQQT topics.

When adding A new thing, I can set the Name, Location and Bridge selection. Again, no settings for MQTT topics.

Setting Item Linking to Simple Mode under Configuration > System, Items menu disappear completely.

Perhaps I am missing something or missed some essential clues from documentation, but anyway, all input that points me to right direction to achieve my goal is appreciated.

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Here is a nice step by step guide:

Omit the mqtt1 migration parts.

For ESPEasy temperature you would need a manually created “MQTT Generic Thing” and use the state topic:

For ESPEasy GPIO the same, but you need to define the command topic:

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Thanks sihui! That post had some confusing parts, but it pointed me to right direction and I got my temperature sensor and LED working from habpanel.

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