Connect Danfoss Eco Electronic radiator

PLease dear for my project ia hve to connect Danfoss ECO VILTH203 ( with Bluetooth) with Openhab2. And i don’t really know to start beacause i can’t any indication on it either on Youtube or on Internet. Any Help is welcome. Thanks to you all

Did you search the forum and didn’t find anything?

You can try to start with the

I think for it to work it must be an beacon’s device. Or maybe i’m wrong.

I have tried and i’m having a syntax error

Please post the error your having.

Please check the pic on the right. And this is the adresse my device is actually showing under the Bluetooth devices that are connected.

What bluetooth adapter are you using?

To Your question , i don’t have any adapter…I have just pressed a button on my Danfoss Eco device and my rasperry has discovered it. Then i just paired. Now is connected.Or maybe i must use one of these adapter: *[Bluetooth BlueZ Adapter]

  • [Bluetooth BlueGiga Adapter]
  • [Blukii]

Raspberry or OH found it? Do you see this device in PaperUI? You may need to turn on “simple mode” in Configuration>System>Item Linking for OH to discover it.

If using the RPI 3’s built in bluetooth that will work but range may be limited.

I use a RPI 3 with buletooth and followed this guide for setup.

thanks alot. Will start there

May be it’ll help…