Connecting autonomous bluetooth device

Hi all,
I have autonomous, arduino-based feeder which works from USB supply and battery at the same time to be always online (I don’t want make my pets hungry).
Programmed configuration for feeder is working hours and doses.
I have working openhab2 on rpi3 and bluetooth module for arduino.
So please help me with next:

  1. how to connect(bind) bluetooth device to openhab?
  2. how to receive my custom configuration through ble to device?
  3. how to make UI for creating such configuration on the fly?

For UI i need timepicker and input number-field and “+” button to add more this configurations.

Also I need some statistic from device like last feeding time and maybe some chart with all feedings, and possibility run feeder immediately (thats easiest part).

Seriously guys? No one can help me around 24 hours.
I want to make my home smart, i have planned a lot of sensors in whole home (and outside too) and openhab looks good in this, but i want to start from my Feeder and debug all processes with it.
Please, give me something.

I did some searches for you, these touch on some of your interests

Thank you very much.
As i can see, there is only one more less normally working solution for ble binding is about using MQTT.
But it looks like hack over OH.
I’ll be continue researching.