Connecting knx to openhab fails with resetting "BCU failed (no acknowledge reply received)"

For a few weeks i’m (unsuccessfully) trying to get my knx interfaced with openhab2.

Just to eliminate all misunderstandings : i’m starting from a running raspberry pi where eibd / knx runs like a charm, where knx is connected via a TPUART interface to the raspberry.

My first experiments were on a raspberry running wheezy and eibd installed, but there i was unable to connect to /dev/ttyAMA0. I verified all posts, I do not have the error : “Serial Error: Port /dev/ttyAMA0 does not exist.”, but i keep on having the error : “permission denied”

Adding :
sudo adduser openhab dialout

was a bad idea, as that completely hang my openhab. Remember my first statement : all eibd stuff is running like a charm but i’m unable to interface openhab2 with knx.

After days of trying: i gave up, so restarted with a brand new instantion of openhabian.
After the installation, i added knxd to openhab. I verified that i could connect the bus via knxtool , and tried to add a knx ‘thing’ via the paper ui interface.

Whatever i try: now i keep on getting the error “BCU failed (no acknowledge reply received)”

I really have no idea what i’m doing wrong, but i hope that at least someone in the community encountered the same troubles and can direct me to a post that describes how to solve

In fact : I have exactly the same issue as is discribed in this post: Updated guide to KNX with Raspberry Pi 3 and Busware pigator TPUART?
but i do not see a real answer on it …

Many thanks


You should post your configs.
It seems that you are trying to connect directly from OH2 KNX2 to the serial interface.
Did you try using knxd as a router and then use IP to link OH2 KNX2 to knxd?