Connecting RGB led strip controller to openhabian

Good day,

i was wondering if there is a binding i could use for adding a RGB controller in to openhabian?
Is there a “general binding” i could play around with?
My controller is connected via WIFI to my home network.

Any help would be appreciated.
thanks in advance!

What Controller do you use ?

Good day allen,

thx for your reply.
i am talking about this one:

It uses a app from Niko (not the home control app)

Do you know if they have a API.
let me have a look. if I can see something

is there a way i can help searching?
This is a stand alone RGB controller installation and can only be controlled via the app.
So no interface.

I did notice i can connect to some admin setting via the web browser on IP, something which is not even to be found in the manual :slight_smile:

This is all on the bindings I can see.

I will help search and see what we can do. if you log in to the device via the web interface. is there functions that you can operate the device ?

Hey Allen,

i have this binding connected already for my Niko Home Control integration, though is only for the home control and has nothing to do with the controller.
Also without openhab i need to use 2 apps, one for niko home control and one for the rgb controller

Try disconnecting from the controller in your app and any other devices that are connected. Remove power from the controller to reset it and see if OH will discover it.

Hey H102,

if i would reset the device i can not discover it anymore due too not connected to my network.
The controller itself will also enable the access point function in itself, so i would be able to connect a wifi device to this controller, my smartphone for example.
this is a ad-hoc connection it creates.

so having the device already pingable (like it is now) is the best way forward i think.
But thats my 5 cents :slight_smile:

Have you checked that the port used is 8000, OH default, and port 10000 is not blocked on OH server? Just reading thru the doc’s, looks like this should connect fairly easy but you know how that can be sometimes.:roll_eyes:

I did a port scan on my RGB controller and only port 80 is open

and i did a port scan on my rpi:

But even then, what binding would i have to use?

I’m looking at the doc’s for the Niko Home Control binding, link that’s posted above.

"The bridge representing the Niko Home Control IP-interface needs to be added first in the things file or through Paper UI. A bridge can be auto-discovered or created manually. No bridge configuration is required when using auto-discovery. An auto-discovered bridge will have an IP-address parameter automatically filled with the current IP-address of the IP-interface. This IP-address for the discovered bridge will automatically update when the IP-address of the IP-interface changes.

The IP-address and port can be set when manually creating the bridge.

If the IP-address is set on a manually created bridge, no attempt will be made to discover the correct IP-address. You are responsible to force a fixed IP address on the Niko Home Control IP-interface through settings in your DHCP server.

The port is set to 8000 by default and should match the port used by the Niko Home Control IP-interface.

An optional refresh interval will be used to restart the bridge at regular intervals (every 300 minutes by default). Restarting the bridge at regular times improves the connection stability and avoids loss of connection. It can be turned off completely."

“A discovery scan will first discover the Niko Home Control IP-interface in the network as a bridge. Default parameters will be used. Note that this may fail to find the correct Niko Home Control IP-interface when there are multiple IP-interfaces in the network, or when traffic to port 10000 on the openHAB server is blocked.”

Unless the controller is version 2 the binding should work.

Another option is try the 2.4 snapshot binding, if interested, here’s the jar file.$org.openhab.binding.nikohomecontrol/

i have this up and running what you mention here, + my rpi and nhc interface have both there IP based on MAC adres pushed by my router.
All my lights and such work fine.
i think this has nothing to do with it.

more info below :slight_smile:

Even in my Niko home control system this rgb controller is not integrated.
This is a standalone RGB controller installation without the possibility to even link or integrate this with my NHC.
And then i am not even talking about Openhab.
The controller just happends to be from the brand Niko aswell.

i am now going to have a look at your link, where for thx! :slight_smile:

Hi @Peacemaker. This sounds like a ‘closed system’ as there seems to be no API documentation or website published. And without that kind of information it is virtually impossible to even develop such a binding.

Only option would be to use a network sniffer en intercept all messages sent and, assuming it is not encrypted, you might be able to figure out the message format and create a binding based on that…:sunglasses:

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I wasn’t clear on this till now but @noppes123 is correct. Try something like wireshark to capture whats being sent and work from there.

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Hey noppes123,

thx for your reply.
i was afraid you might say that :frowning:
But sounds very logical to me.
and i do not have the skill to start writing this type of code so…

I’ll have to stay with my seperate app for the color control itself then.
Would just have been handy to have this all working in 1 spot.

Thinking a bit out of the box here, but i assume that my led strip itself is nothing special about.
Can i not just change my controller to get this work?

Well, there are different types of LED strips and in particular with different controller IC’s, ergo different commands and signals. There is no such thing as a standard for LED strips, I’m afraid.

Having said that, there will most likely be other LED controllers out there that are compatible; the challenge will be to find the right one. Have you considered buying a Philips Hue LED strip? That is supported by OH for sure. There are other bindings for similar devices as well.

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my assumption was, i have 3 cables for rgb, 1 for power and 1 for my white, would not any controller for RGBW work then?
I am afraid that i would prefer to not change this strip itself, for new stuff i am def. looking out a phillips direction, as a matter of fact was just checking out the Xiaomi phillips Zhirui lamp.
But my current led strip is high quality and mainly 120€ :slight_smile:
Where my controller was more about 60€ i think.

Was also just checking for something like this as a possible replacement for the controller:

i have read a little about zigbee and zwave now and was thinking more this way now.
Still both concepts are new to me :slight_smile: