Connecting Vorwerk Kobold VR200 to openHAB2

Hey @Pavion ,

first of all I have to thank you for your support and alle the work. The Binding works like charm.

Currently i’m using oh3.1.0 and 3.1.0M3 release. Now i’d like to know if its possible to change the cleaning settings for the vr300 before starting.

I’d try somthing like clean all weekdays with eco but weekend when gone with turbo.
i tried allready an “comand select” witch shows the possibities, but after select, no change at the vr300.

Do you have some advide?

Hi Patrick and welcome to this forum!
tl;dr: sadly, the simple answer is no.

This binding is a rather simple fork of a Neato Binding, which uses the same API.
According to its documentation (found here), the cleaning mode is a read-only parameter and cannot be changed.
It seems to be generally possible (some clues here) so you may want to to ask your question in the Neato thread here but I’m unsure whether it is still being maintained.
Frankly, meanwhile I’ve moved on to another vendor myself and can offer but limited support.
Still, if you have any ideas or clues, please don’t hesitate to contact me again.

BR Pav

Afterthought: you might try to map the available-commands channel, which might hint at some useful commands I never knew about…

The binding works great with my Vorwerk VR 300. Thank you for your support.
In the “Mykobold” app I use the function to clean a selected room on the map. Is it possible to send a command with a selected room to be cleaned? I don’t need the map function. Just the command to clean a selected room is enough for me. Thank you for your support! Sincerely, Niklas

Hi @Nerz and welcome to this forum!
Thank you for your feedback but I’m afraid I can’t help you.

Since similar question has already been asked…
Everyone with feature requests, please read this information:

  • This is a fork of an integrated Neato Binding (see its source on GitHub) with but small changes. There was no development for a long time so I consider it stale.
  • According to Neato API there are many new features available. For example, obtaining a list of “boundaries” (rooms?) and using them for a cleaning. I assume, Vorwerk still uses the same API.
  • Implementing those features may require some larger structural changes and must be tested very heavy.
  • As I don’t use my old VR200 anymore and it’s unable to support new features anyway, I can’t develop or test this fork any further.
  • In my opinion a future development should be continued on Neato Binding main branch with both vendors supported, by anyone with a modern robot.

This said, I assume I will be able to offer limited technical support on small issues such as changed API calls / OH releases. I’d also be glad to share any information / links with anyone interested in the further development.

BR Pav

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same like in the neato thread:
Opened a Github issue for merging these two bindings:

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Your latest release is not compatible to openHAB 3.3.0.
I have merged the current state of the openHAB bundles (version 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT) into your fork and used it to build a JAR of the NEATO/Vorwerk binding compatible with openHAB 3.3.0. If you let me contribute on your fork, then I can put a PR with the current changes and build a current release and put it online.

Hi @Polychromy and welcome to this forum!
I don’t have a Kobold anymore so I wasn’t aware of the fork not functioning.
I’ve just upgraded and recompiled it and uploaded a new release on GitHub.
If it’s not working or if you’ve made/need any other changes, you can freely contribute there (I’ve sent an invitation to @Polychromy on GitHub, hope it’s the same you :slight_smile:)


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