Control IFTT device from OH?

Does anyone know how I can get OH to control a smartplug that’s IFTT compatible? Specifically, I have a smartlife plug that can be controlled with Amazon’s Alexa and is IFTT compatible but I don’t know how to integrate it into OH as an item. I know Alexa can control OH items using openhab cloud and that has worked pretty well. Any help would be appreciated.

What brand is your plug?

It’s one of the Tuya switches marketed under many different brands on Amazon.

Did you see this?

Thanks. I did see it but was looking for something that might be more direct such as a binding or way to expose IFTT devices to OH.

You can use IFTT with OH, you need to expose the items on your account.

I am able to expose items from OH to and have IFTT apps control those items. I am trying to go the other way which is have my local OH be able to control IFTT items.