Control panel Tablet

Need to Know Which hardware is fit to buy as a display control panel for OpenHUB. Can I also install the openhub inside this Tablet?

Do you want to build something like this:

I hope I could help you!

I need to know the Tablet model that I can install the OpenHUB. Exactly which type of hardware I should buy to install the OPENHUB to make my control panel. I dont want to use a PC or laptop.

First of all:

Do you mean openHAB or Open Hub, because if you mean the second one, you are wrong here?


You cannot install openHAB on a tablet. You must install it on a regular computer. Raspberry Pis are popular.

For display, pretty much any table model should do. OH has a web based UI so if it can run a browser it will work. I don’t know if the apps have a minimum version of Android/iOS required.

Hi, So you mean I need to have a client server model in my home to display in a TAB? The TAB is nothing but an APPS running for my openHAB ? If that is the case what is the point to have two devices [ one server and another Display Panel] ? Is this a worry free solution for business prospect?
I am thinking to design my own solution that ADT is offering at my Home. They have only one panel that controls everything. No extra server :frowning:

Sorry, you may be incorrect, waiting other’s comment to see a perfect solution for this project.

I am not incorrect. I’ve been using openHAB for over five years, I’ve contributed to the code and the docs, I’m on the Architectural Committee and I’m one of the most active contributors to this forum. I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about on this point.

You run the openHAB server on some computer. It doesn’t have to be a beefy computer. Raspberry Pis are popular. The User Interfaces are web apps hosted on that server.

Not everyone wants to have a display in the first place. There is no display in my system.

Some want to access their UI from more than one location in the house or even remotely.

Tablets do not allow many things that are required to integrated with many many home automation technologies like access to USB dongles (Zwave, Zigbee, RF443, RJ-45 Serial, etc), ability to run external software unavailable on Android, root access to get permission to do things that are otherwise restricted (e.g. sniff for DHCP packets to detect you are home based on the presence of your phone on the network).

Where one wants to put their tablet control panel may not be the best place for all the wires or antennae needed to connect to all your devices.

ADT can provide an all in one system because ADT has control of all the hardware and networking from end to end. But that also means you can only use ADT certified stuff in your home automation. openHAB is an open system capable of integrating well over 350 different technologies, protocols and APIs and tens of thousands of devices from hundreds of vendors.

You can’t do that from a tablet. If you want an all in one system, go buy one from ADT or one of the other walled garden vendors. They certainly do provide a simpler experience, but consequently they are much less capable.

I don’t understand the question but openHAB is a free and opensource project developed by volunteers. There is no business.

In all likelihood, they have a server too. It’s just that ADT hosts the server somewhere on the internet. If not, I bet there is a computer like a Raspberry Pi built into that panel. But in either case, there is a computer there. It’s not just a tablet hosting some apps.


Well said and thanks for your reply. I will do more research on this project to fulfill my BRD. Thanks again.

Don’t be afraid of the word ‘server’.
When you take a raspberry pi and put openhabian on a sd card you are ready to go. That’s your server.