Controlling somfy RTS motor and LED-dimmers

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(Joris Philippaerts) #1

I am the proud owner of a Renson Algarve terrace covering with rotating blades, the motor is controlled with a Somfy Telis 4 remote control. It also has 2 LED’s integrated in the blades with on/off function and dim-function, both seperately controlled with the Somfy remote.

My goal is to control the motor and LED’s with openhab, but I literally cannot find any topic or post on how to control somfy RTS LED-dimmers. Will this be possible with the RFXtrx433XL usb-stick? Are there any other Renson owners with a similar setup?


(Gerry Maguire) #2

I have 2 internal blinds with Somfy RTS motors and control them with the RFXTRX433XL via OpenHab. Also linked to Alexa. Can turn “on” (blind goes up) or “off” (blind goes down)

Take a look at below link


(Arne) #3


I control all my Somfy blinds in the house via OpenHAB, using an ESP32 and a CC1101 module. The code I use for that is online:

I could also send you examples of my OpenHAB setup.


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(Joris Philippaerts) #4

Indeed, I can find many users with Somfy blinds with RTS motors who are controlling them via OpenHab and a RFXTRX433*. So I’m pretty sure that I will be able to control the rotating blades.

The main issue for me are the integrated LED’s in the blades, they are also controlled with the Telis-remote. Before I invest in a RFX-module, I want to be sure to be able to control those LED’s.
Unfortunately I cannot find any examples or users that have already achieved this.


(Joris Philippaerts) #5

Update: I’ve bought an RFXTRX433XL and I’m able to control the motor and the 2 LED from Openhab.
It only works when I configure them as a rollershutter, the up and down-button is rotating the blades to it’s full extent and the stop-button stops the rotation.

The LED are going on and off when using the up-and down button in openhab, and the stop-button is turning the lights on at a certain level (same as the MY-button on the Telis-remote).
I would also like to use the dimming-function of the LED, I can do this by sending a “> 2 seconds” up or down-command from the rfxmngr. Unfortunally, I cannot find a way to send these commands from Openhab. I tried setting them up as venetianBlind-dimmer, but then I get no respons from the lights when using the slider or by sending a sendCommand like on/off/up/down/increase/decrease/etc…

Can this be done?


(Joris Philippaerts) #6

Update 2:
I managed to get it working by defining 2 items for the same device: a shutter-item and a venetianBlind-item.

  • The shutter-item can send “UP” and “DOWN”-commands, turning the lights on and off completely, the “STOP”-command turns the lights on at the same level the Telis MY-button does.
  • The venitianBlind-item can send “INCREASE” and “DECREASE”-commands, but they are inverted! “DECREASE” = increase dimming level, “INCREASE” = decrease dimming level.

I got this working by using HABPanel, defining buttons which are sending these specific commands to the items. The PaperUI-slider is only sending percentages to the venetianBlind-item, and apparently that’s not supported by the Somfy RTS protocol.


RFXCOM doesn't support transmitting for channel 'venetianBlind'
(Hakan Tandogan) #7

Hi Arne,

Thank you for pointing out your library, I just ordered two CC1101 modules :smile:

A few questions though, before I start building hard- and software, which I want to base on your WiFi_Multi_Remote_ESP32 example…

  • I want to control one awning (“Markise”) and three roller blind (“Rollo”) motors. Do I have to define four remotes for this?
  • The code says “Choose remote name” and “Choose remote id”. Can I chose them randomly for my system or do I have to read them somehow from the CC1101?
  • Is 0.7 A enough for an ESP32 and CC1101 ? I use the Busch Jäger USB sockets, and would love to avoid using another power plug if possible :grin: