Controlling somfy RTS motor and LED-dimmers

I am the proud owner of a Renson Algarve terrace covering with rotating blades, the motor is controlled with a Somfy Telis 4 remote control. It also has 2 LED’s integrated in the blades with on/off function and dim-function, both seperately controlled with the Somfy remote.

My goal is to control the motor and LED’s with openhab, but I literally cannot find any topic or post on how to control somfy RTS LED-dimmers. Will this be possible with the RFXtrx433XL usb-stick? Are there any other Renson owners with a similar setup?

I have 2 internal blinds with Somfy RTS motors and control them with the RFXTRX433XL via OpenHab. Also linked to Alexa. Can turn “on” (blind goes up) or “off” (blind goes down)

Take a look at below link


I control all my Somfy blinds in the house via OpenHAB, using an ESP32 and a CC1101 module. The code I use for that is online:

I could also send you examples of my OpenHAB setup.



Indeed, I can find many users with Somfy blinds with RTS motors who are controlling them via OpenHab and a RFXTRX433*. So I’m pretty sure that I will be able to control the rotating blades.

The main issue for me are the integrated LED’s in the blades, they are also controlled with the Telis-remote. Before I invest in a RFX-module, I want to be sure to be able to control those LED’s.
Unfortunately I cannot find any examples or users that have already achieved this.

Update: I’ve bought an RFXTRX433XL and I’m able to control the motor and the 2 LED from Openhab.
It only works when I configure them as a rollershutter, the up and down-button is rotating the blades to it’s full extent and the stop-button stops the rotation.

The LED are going on and off when using the up-and down button in openhab, and the stop-button is turning the lights on at a certain level (same as the MY-button on the Telis-remote).
I would also like to use the dimming-function of the LED, I can do this by sending a “> 2 seconds” up or down-command from the rfxmngr. Unfortunally, I cannot find a way to send these commands from Openhab. I tried setting them up as venetianBlind-dimmer, but then I get no respons from the lights when using the slider or by sending a sendCommand like on/off/up/down/increase/decrease/etc…

Can this be done?

Update 2:
I managed to get it working by defining 2 items for the same device: a shutter-item and a venetianBlind-item.

  • The shutter-item can send “UP” and “DOWN”-commands, turning the lights on and off completely, the “STOP”-command turns the lights on at the same level the Telis MY-button does.
  • The venitianBlind-item can send “INCREASE” and “DECREASE”-commands, but they are inverted! “DECREASE” = increase dimming level, “INCREASE” = decrease dimming level.

I got this working by using HABPanel, defining buttons which are sending these specific commands to the items. The PaperUI-slider is only sending percentages to the venetianBlind-item, and apparently that’s not supported by the Somfy RTS protocol.

Hi Arne,

Thank you for pointing out your library, I just ordered two CC1101 modules :smile:

A few questions though, before I start building hard- and software, which I want to base on your WiFi_Multi_Remote_ESP32 example…

  • I want to control one awning (“Markise”) and three roller blind (“Rollo”) motors. Do I have to define four remotes for this?
  • The code says “Choose remote name” and “Choose remote id”. Can I chose them randomly for my system or do I have to read them somehow from the CC1101?
  • Is 0.7 A enough for an ESP32 and CC1101 ? I use the Busch Jäger USB sockets, and would love to avoid using another power plug if possible :grin:

Hi Hakan,

thank you for your interest in my library. You would be the second user of it as far as I know. :slight_smile:

I use it to control 13 roller shutters across the house.

Yes, if you want to control each of these devices individually. If you define one remote for all you will send the same command to all of them at the same time.

The remote name is just an internal identifier for the remote. Choose whatever name you like. The id/remote code needs to be unique across all remotes you define. It is used to register the remote to the motors.

Maybe, but I can not answer this question as I run mine connected via USB to my Pi that runs OpenHAB.

As far as my research goes, there is no way to set your Somfy motor to a certain percentage. Only UP, DOWN, STOP/MY and PROGRAM are possible commands. Everything else needs to be done on top of the Somfy protocol.

See this page for some insight on the protocol:

Just for your information, I have registered the library over at Platform.IO. This should make creating new applications much easier :smile:

Hi Arne…
I have these Somfy RTS blinds
4 of them
I want to control them individually
How can I achieve this with your method?
Also can u send me the circuit diagram
And also your openhad example
I really need your full guild as I am new to this. Thank you

Also when I wanted to order CC1101, I saw 868MHZ and 433MHZ. Which should I order for?

Thank you Arne for sharing your code (repository) here. I realise that this thread is quite old but I was wondering if you would be willing to help me to get your code working? I have two pairs of ESP32 and C1101 modules which are working fine when I try the send/receive examples from the driver library. However I cannot get my sunblind programmed or anything else, the blinds are waiting in the program mode until they time out and leave the prorgam mode. Is there a good way to debug this (maybe with my second unit as receiver)?

First of all I have two questions:

  1. I only know that my Remote says Somfy Telis 1 Pure so I assumed that this means that I also have a somfy motor that can be controlled with your code/my equipment. Or are there possibly some models out there that won’t work at all?
  2. Do I need a specific version of the used library? I realised that the version that was current on the last update of your repository is quite old now but I had no success with an older library version.

Sorry for pushing this up, I now use a different library which works just fine: GitHub - Legion2/Somfy_Remote_Lib: Emulate a Somfy remote using a 433.42 MHz transmitter.

Hey Thomas,

good to hear that you found a solution. My library should still work in theory but since I moved and now own wired blinds I will stop to maintain it. So if anyone else needs help I will try my best based on my own experience but I can’t provide any tested fixes or updates.

Hi Arne,

could you send me your openhab config?
trying to setup on an arduino with c1011 module


If you use the Legion2 library the config is pretty simple.

Create a serial bridge thing and change the serial port according to your setup:

Link the string channel to a string item:

Now if you send „Up“, „Down“ or „My“ commands to that item you should be able to control your blinds (given that you already registered your custom remote according to the handbook)


I would love to but this setup is not existing anymore for about 1,5 years now and I have no records of it.