Controlling Somfy RTS (with RFXtrx433E)


I’m still planning my smart house, and consider using RFXtrx433E to connect to Somfy RTS (wireless motors).
Currently, I’m reading about openHAB, in order to control all ZWAVE components, and the RFXtrx433E.

Can openHAB (and in which version) do this?

I see that there is an RFXCOM-Binding , however, it talks only about RFXtrx433 and not RFXtrx433 E (only the E device can control Somfy RTS).
Furthermore, Somfy RTS uses a different frequency - 433.42MHz , instead of the regular 433.92MHz, but in the binding page it mentions only 433.92MHz.

However, that page says:
RFXCOM binding currently supports:


If I understood correctly, ‘Rfy’ is Somfy RTS - then, it is supported…

Is it only a documentation mistake?
Is anyone here using RFXtrx433E with Somfy RTS and can share the experience?


I am currently using the RFXtrx433E with the RFXCom binding on openHAB 2 and it works OK. I cant comment re: Somfy RTS, but am keen to see other feedback as I have future need for this also.

Looks like it is -almost- working, take a look here: