Coronavirus (COVID 19)

In some parts of the US people are calling the police because they ran out of toilet paper?? :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

What is it with toilet paper… We had exact the same issue in Denmark, aprox 2 minutes after our prime minister stood on national TV telling people not to panic, people went nuts hunting for… toiletpaper…
I dont get it… What is it with this toiletpaper… Why is it so important, and by the look of how some people harvest, it seem even more important for them than food…
Can anyone explain this, cause I really dont get it?


I read one psychologist stating his theory. People panic and feel they cannot do anything about the virus so they prepare for something they can control such as running out of toilet paper. I got some early one morning as they were stocking the shelves. We do not need it right now but I saw an opportunity to get some while I could. ( I only purchased 1 package.)

Here in the US I have found shortages in white flour for bread. I hear infant formula and disposable diapers are also in short supply. Of course, cleaning supplies shelves are usually empty too.
Neighbours have reported finding milk & eggs out of stock. Bread purchases are resricted quantities too.


Yes! Just plain crazy.

Been to multiple grocery stores and they all were out of flour. None on Amazon. Even none on King Arthur Flour. C’mon man! You even have flour in your name!!

Sams Club (who usually has 2 varieties in 25 lb bags) and Walmart were totally out. I got a couple of 10 lb bags at Food Lion. As somebody else here said, Not that many people here know how to bake bread!

I just got our small tractor ready for vegetable garden planting. I am already looking forward to having fresh vegetables again.
(Our model, but not our tractor)


I don’t think it’s any of them reasons, just the same reason that explains why all the beer has sold out except Corona. Absolute morons!

Our local beach was absolutely packed yesterday with thousands of people. Our local superstore had a queue of over 1000 people at 630 this morning.

Socialist / communist countries are not looking so bad now… :grimacing:

They have the shortages too. :frowning:

Problem achieved, I had a secondary openhab container in my docker machine. Even if that instance was not running it generetad the delay on running instance. Maybe because some unknown shared resource. I had to remove the secondary instance to let the system running well.

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Food I understand… But toilet papers… There are lots of other alternatives than using toilet papers. But regarding food, there is not really any alternatives.

I heard a college student ion a large city say they could not get fresh chicken. We are having trouble getting frozen chicken.
Apparently, in that city, they can get beef, but the college student wondered “Who eats beef??” She is an athlete who tries to eat healthy.

Tell her, I eat beef :smiley:


Chris from the UK here suggested to me he was seeing a shortage of beans. Perhaps those eating too many beans would need the toilet paper. … :thinking:


A few of us CAN sing!
That’s a great video!
:+1:Thanks for sharing.


Down here in New Zealand for me, same lockdown as pretty much every other country. Doing full lock down in the next 48 hours with only essential services open. I work in I.T as well so same as usual, except dealing with kids at home! Internet is getting hammered while they watch Netflix or Disney+, or fixate themselves on YouTube or TikTok videos. Lucky most people here have high speed fibre, so not too much of a problem.

Ironically here we were all thinking the next big global disaster would most likely be some meteor from space or World War III, turns out it’s a tiny little virus. The world will change significantly after this, let’s hope for the better


Bill gates made this talk four years ago?Interesting watch considering he has now stepped down as ceo of Microsoft to work on his foundation.


Wow, go Bill! Interesting Ted talk that’s for sure thanks for sharing

Hi from Poland. Schools and universities are closed since the 12 of March till the 12th of April, but I guess, they will be opened later. Of course, bars and restaurants work only for delivery or take away. In shopping malls only supermarkets, bakeries, banks and laundry. Max amount of people in transport is the half of sits amount (13-20 for buses, 30-45 for trams). People mostly stay at home, cannot gather to groups more then 2 persons (except the family members). It was expected to have 1k of infected on previous weekend, but because of good discipline the grow isn’t so big and we reached this number only on Wednesday. Borders are closed for citizens of other countries except that, who have residence permit, all incoming people are immediately moved to 2 weeks quarantine. But for Cracow, which lived mostly from tourism, current situation is very harmful.


here is my option for tracking


  • HTTP Binding
  • JSONPath Transformation




Group Corona
Group CoronaDE
Group CoronaIT
Group CoronaSP
Group CoronaFR
Group CoronaLU
Group CoronaNL
Group CoronaBE
Group CoronaGB
Group CoronaRO
Group CoronaUS

Number	COVID19_WORLD_Confirmed    "Confirmed [%d]"    <corona>         (Corona)   {http="<[covid_world:5000:JSONPATH($.worldStats..cases)]"}
Number	COVID19_WORLD_Deaths       "Deaths [%d]"       <death>          (Corona)   {http="<[covid_world:5000:JSONPATH($.worldStats..deaths)]"}
Number	COVID19_WORLD_Recovered    "Recovered [%d]"    <recovered>      (Corona)   {http="<[covid_world:5000:JSONPATH($.worldStats..recovered)]"}
Number	COVID19_WORLD_Active       "Active [%d]"       <active>         (Corona)   {http="<[covid_world:5000:JSONPATH($]"}
Number	COVID19_WORLD_Critical     "Critical [%d]"     <critical>       (Corona)   {http="<[covid_world:5000:JSONPATH($.worldStats..critical)]"}

Number	COVID19_DE_Confirmed    "Confirmed [%d]"    <corona>            (CoronaDE)   {http="<[covid_de:5000:JSONPATH($.data..cases)]"}
Number	COVID19_DE_Deaths       "Deaths [%d]"       <death>             (CoronaDE)   {http="<[covid_de:5000:JSONPATH($.data..deaths)]"}
Number	COVID19_DE_Recovered    "Recovered [%d]"    <recovered>         (CoronaDE)   {http="<[covid_de:5000:JSONPATH($.data..recovered)]"}
Number	COVID19_DE_Active       "Active [%d]"       <active>            (CoronaDE)   {http="<[covid_de:5000:JSONPATH($]"}
Number	COVID19_DE_Critical     "Critical [%d]"     <critical>          (CoronaDE)   {http="<[covid_de:5000:JSONPATH($.data..critical)]"}

Number	COVID19_IT_Confirmed    "Confirmed [%d]"    <corona>            (CoronaIT)   {http="<[covid_it:5000:JSONPATH($.data..cases)]"}
Number	COVID19_IT_Deaths       "Deaths [%d]"       <death>             (CoronaIT)   {http="<[covid_it:5000:JSONPATH($.data..deaths)]"}
Number	COVID19_IT_Recovered    "Recovered [%d]"    <recovered>         (CoronaIT)   {http="<[covid_it:5000:JSONPATH($.data..recovered)]"}
Number	COVID19_IT_Active       "Active [%d]"       <active>            (CoronaIT)   {http="<[covid_it:5000:JSONPATH($]"}
Number	COVID19_IT_Critical     "Critical [%d]"     <critical>          (CoronaIT)   {http="<[covid_it:5000:JSONPATH($.data..critical)]"}

Number	COVID19_SP_Confirmed    "Confirmed [%d]"    <corona>            (CoronaSP)   {http="<[covid_sp:5000:JSONPATH($.data..cases)]"}
Number	COVID19_SP_Deaths       "Deaths [%d]"       <death>             (CoronaSP)   {http="<[covid_sp:5000:JSONPATH($.data..deaths)]"}
Number	COVID19_SP_Recovered    "Recovered [%d]"    <recovered>         (CoronaSP)   {http="<[covid_sp:5000:JSONPATH($.data..recovered)]"}
Number	COVID19_SP_Active       "Active [%d]"       <active>            (CoronaSP)   {http="<[covid_sp:5000:JSONPATH($]"}
Number	COVID19_SP_Critical     "Critical [%d]"     <critical>          (CoronaSP)   {http="<[covid_sp:5000:JSONPATH($.data..critical)]"}

Number	COVID19_FR_Confirmed    "Confirmed [%d]"    <corona>            (CoronaFR)   {http="<[covid_fr:5000:JSONPATH($.data..cases)]"}
Number	COVID19_FR_Deaths       "Deaths [%d]"       <death>             (CoronaFR)   {http="<[covid_fr:5000:JSONPATH($.data..deaths)]"}
Number	COVID19_FR_Recovered    "Recovered [%d]"    <recovered>         (CoronaFR)   {http="<[covid_fr:5000:JSONPATH($.data..recovered)]"}
Number	COVID19_FR_Active       "Active [%d]"       <active>            (CoronaFR)   {http="<[covid_fr:5000:JSONPATH($]"}
Number	COVID19_FR_Critical     "Critical [%d]"     <critical>          (CoronaFR)   {http="<[covid_fr:5000:JSONPATH($.data..critical)]"}

Number	COVID19_LU_Confirmed    "Confirmed [%d]"    <corona>            (CoronaLU)   {http="<[covid_lu:5000:JSONPATH($.data..cases)]"}
Number	COVID19_LU_Deaths       "Deaths [%d]"       <death>             (CoronaLU)   {http="<[covid_lu:5000:JSONPATH($.data..deaths)]"}
Number	COVID19_LU_Recovered    "Recovered [%d]"    <recovered>         (CoronaLU)   {http="<[covid_lu:5000:JSONPATH($.data..recovered)]"}
Number	COVID19_LU_Active       "Active [%d]"       <active>            (CoronaLU)   {http="<[covid_lu:5000:JSONPATH($]"}
Number	COVID19_LU_Critical     "Critical [%d]"     <critical>          (CoronaLU)   {http="<[covid_lu:5000:JSONPATH($.data..critical)]"}

Number	COVID19_NL_Confirmed    "Confirmed [%d]"    <corona>            (CoronaNL)   {http="<[covid_nl:5000:JSONPATH($.data..cases)]"}
Number	COVID19_NL_Deaths       "Deaths [%d]"       <death>             (CoronaNL)   {http="<[covid_nl:5000:JSONPATH($.data..deaths)]"}
Number	COVID19_NL_Recovered    "Recovered [%d]"    <recovered>         (CoronaNL)   {http="<[covid_nl:5000:JSONPATH($.data..recovered)]"}
Number	COVID19_NL_Active       "Active [%d]"       <active>            (CoronaNL)   {http="<[covid_nl:5000:JSONPATH($]"}
Number	COVID19_NL_Critical     "Critical [%d]"     <critical>          (CoronaNL)   {http="<[covid_nl:5000:JSONPATH($.data..critical)]"}

Number	COVID19_BE_Confirmed    "Confirmed [%d]"    <corona>            (CoronaBE)   {http="<[covid_be:5000:JSONPATH($.data..cases)]"}
Number	COVID19_BE_Deaths       "Deaths [%d]"       <death>             (CoronaBE)   {http="<[covid_be:5000:JSONPATH($.data..deaths)]"}
Number	COVID19_BE_Recovered    "Recovered [%d]"    <recovered>         (CoronaBE)   {http="<[covid_be:5000:JSONPATH($.data..recovered)]"}
Number	COVID19_BE_Active       "Active [%d]"       <active>            (CoronaBE)   {http="<[covid_be:5000:JSONPATH($]"}
Number	COVID19_BE_Critical     "Critical [%d]"     <critical>          (CoronaBE)   {http="<[covid_be:5000:JSONPATH($.data..critical)]"}

Number	COVID19_GB_Confirmed    "Confirmed [%d]"    <corona>            (CoronaGB)   {http="<[covid_gb:5000:JSONPATH($.data..cases)]"}
Number	COVID19_GB_Deaths       "Deaths [%d]"       <death>             (CoronaGB)   {http="<[covid_gb:5000:JSONPATH($.data..deaths)]"}
Number	COVID19_GB_Recovered    "Recovered [%d]"    <recovered>         (CoronaGB)   {http="<[covid_gb:5000:JSONPATH($.data..recovered)]"}
Number	COVID19_GB_Active       "Active [%d]"       <active>            (CoronaGB)   {http="<[covid_gb:5000:JSONPATH($]"}
Number	COVID19_GB_Critical     "Critical [%d]"     <critical>          (CoronaGB)   {http="<[covid_gb:5000:JSONPATH($.data..critical)]"}

Number	COVID19_RO_Confirmed    "Confirmed [%d]"    <corona>            (CoronaRO)   {http="<[covid_ro:5000:JSONPATH($.data..cases)]"}
Number	COVID19_RO_Deaths       "Deaths [%d]"       <death>             (CoronaRO)   {http="<[covid_ro:5000:JSONPATH($.data..deaths)]"}
Number	COVID19_RO_Recovered    "Recovered [%d]"    <recovered>         (CoronaRO)   {http="<[covid_ro:5000:JSONPATH($.data..recovered)]"}
Number	COVID19_RO_Active       "Active [%d]"       <active>            (CoronaRO)   {http="<[covid_ro:5000:JSONPATH($]"}
Number	COVID19_RO_Critical     "Critical [%d]"     <critical>          (CoronaRO)   {http="<[covid_ro:5000:JSONPATH($.data..critical)]"}

Number	COVID19_US_Confirmed    "Confirmed [%d]"    <corona>            (CoronaUS)   {http="<[covid_us:5000:JSONPATH($.data..cases)]"}
Number	COVID19_US_Deaths       "Deaths [%d]"       <death>             (CoronaUS)   {http="<[covid_us:5000:JSONPATH($.data..deaths)]"}
Number	COVID19_US_Recovered    "Recovered [%d]"    <recovered>         (CoronaUS)   {http="<[covid_us:5000:JSONPATH($.data..recovered)]"}
Number	COVID19_US_Active       "Active [%d]"       <active>            (CoronaUS)   {http="<[covid_us:5000:JSONPATH($]"}
Number	COVID19_US_Critical     "Critical [%d]"     <critical>          (CoronaUS)   {http="<[covid_us:5000:JSONPATH($.data..critical)]"}


Frame label="COVID-19 status" icon="corona" 
    {   Group item=Corona       label="Weltweit"        icon="world"
        Group item=CoronaDE     label="Deutschland"     icon="de"
        Group item=CoronaIT     label="Italien"         icon="it"
        Group item=CoronaSP     label="Spanien"         icon="sp"
        Group item=CoronaFR     label="Frankreich"      icon="fr"
        Group item=CoronaLU     label="Luxembourg"      icon="lu"
        Group item=CoronaNL     label="Niederlande"     icon="nl"
        Group item=CoronaBE     label="Belgien"         icon="be"
        Group item=CoronaGB     label="England"         icon="uk"
        Group item=CoronaRO     label="Rumänien"        icon="ro"
        Group item=CoronaUS     label="USA"             icon="us"

feel free to give feedback or suggestions (i’m still learning with OpenHAB)


Thanks for your work.

Where you got the icons from?