Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Perhaps here?

thanks, but i specially meant the other ones (corona, active,…)

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Just used Google and get something proper and some edited little bit with Photoshop

Looks like we are managing the situation here in Portugal. I was very frightened, being a latin country and seeing what happens in Italy and Spain, with whom we have strong ties, I feared that we would go down the same dramatic route. But fortunately not. Daily increase of infections soared to 50% two weeks ago and dropped to 7.5% yesterday. Our hospitals have been able to manage the situation up to now thanks to this relatively small increase of infections. We have no food shortages. Really hope that this continues, and also hope that everyone in the world will soon see a relief.

The secret is confinement, no social contact, active control by the police, a “covid help line”, and only “one voice” to give instructions (unlike Brazil, unfortunately, that I fear is heading for disaster).


So in my case of this? works only the Wold counter other shows “-”
I checked JSONPath and it seems to be wrong…

still working by me with no errors

Edit: Sorry just checked again and since 2 min got issues.

Edit2: Back online again…seems like issues from source

Keep in mind that you never know what is the truth in case of these systems. Remember that in case of Chernobyl it took 36+ hours to evacuate nearest city. It took two days for soviets to admit there was “an minor accident”.
If you take a look on what’s happening now… well you will find analogies. Lets start from usual suspect - a local administration which tried to hide things. Then we have a big action launched by central party to rescue situation by sacrificing own citizens. In the end a lot of people abroad potentially suffering from improper execution in first stage. In case of current outbreak we have numbers, in earlier we haven’t had any but these declared by soviets.

I’m sure that we’re less disciplined than Asian nations, however we did not have to face such cluster f***s. It did not happen here cause preventive mechanisms we have here worked fine. What fails in first place in non-democratic systems are inspections which are too close to politicians and regime.

Prayers and warm thoughts to everyone here from Singapore!
We got hit early in the year, and still trying to do our best to contain it.
No lockdown here (except that no one is travelling overseas), shops, stores, markets are all opened. Schools remain open, and whoever can can take their work home do so( and encouraged by the Government) but clear guidelines on social distancing is enforced.

Everyone is doing their part in terms of their responsibility with regards to social distancing.

Keep safe and healthy everyone.
God Bless!


That is similar to what I have been using except I added a rule and a few extra items to give me info of the past two hours.

Example of deaths in two hour time period:

var Timer waitTimer = null  
rule "Covid One Day Stat" 
      Time cron "0 0 12/2 ? * *" // every 2 hours starting at noon  
    if(coviddeathsworld.state != NULL){   
        val Number coviddeaths = Integer.parseInt(transform("JSONPATH","$.deaths", coviddeathsworld.state.toString)) 
        val Number deaths = coviddeaths - Dailydeathsworld.state as Number 
                waitTimer = null    

If you use the rule don’t forget to add the extra items and change the cron time to whatever you like.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone.

I get this, however my brother is in Shanghai experiencing it first hand and you only have to look at the figures and see the likes of the uk are on a very bad trajectory at present. And once again yesterday the packed parks and beaches, wtf.
The Chinese have been asking my brother over the last few weeks if the uk population has a death wish… we (not me) won’t wear masks (mainly vanity) and keep going out.

Hope everyone is well

My 550m/s got throttled to 50m/s Friday during your normal 9-5. Not good for the daily dose of COD:Warzone :joy:

Greetings from Middle Franconia, Germany

My wife and me both doing Home-Office for now. Good luck for us that I always bought the highest internet speed available at our small village, although my wife haven’t seen the need for this in the past :wink:

After work there is a lot of time for my smart home now. A small project is to include my ferraris electricty meter to OpenHAB (not working well so far, would be glad about some hints). And I’m very lucky to have time now to contribute to openhab-addons as well. I already did a bugfix to hue-binding last week going into 2.5.4 to make it compatible with newest deconz version. And I finished a complete new binding for German pollen count index with the pending PR #7298.

Now I’m thinking about integrating the covid-19 stats to my OpenHAB to have the information on my tablets everywhere on my house beside other news streams I already integrated there. I think I can adapt the mechanics from the pollen count index binding, because this one fetches an JSON stream as well and maps it to some regional channel sets. Should be a quick one just to change the expected JSON-Stream to the structure of and then map it to some channels. I will keep you updated, if there is interest on this.

Stay healthy and at home


Hello from Italy,
I live in the north, in Lombardy, the most affected region (and province too)

I work in IT as system administrator. Since we set up everyone in the offices to be able to work from home (a couple of weeks ago) I’ve been working from home.
Here everything except essential services has been shut.
We cannot go out except for foods/medicine necessity or medical emergency.
I have two children and sometimes it gets hard to keep them calm (wife too ghgh).

The money I save for not using my car are redirected to buy ink cartridge to print homeworks for the kids :sweat_smile:

Fortunately by now nobody in the family has been infected, but we have friends and neighbors not so lucky.
We lost some of them and we cannot give them the last goodbye because funerals are forbidden.

Ok enough sad things for now.

Wish you all the best!



Another Greeting from Germany!

Hello, I am new here and i have a question about the corona – bluetooth – geofencing complex. Hope it’s ok to place the question here?

I have a nuki door – lock with a nuki app wich uses geofencing. But it really didn’t work fine, sometimes the door eaven stayed locked!

What is your experience with geofencing? How spread are handys, which are able to do that? Are there other possibilities than bluetooth?


There is a lot of talk in Germany about an app to combat corona. This has different backgrounds (modeling here:

A significant proportion of the infections (approx. 47%) are presymptomatic. The serial interval (period from infection to infection) is such, that as soon as an infected person has been removed from the transmission (eg isolation), this person not only has he already infected other people, but these “re-infected” are also “ready” to infect others at the same time.

From a certain number of infected people, the health authorities are not longer able to trace the cases by “phone calls”, it only helps the “lockdown”.

An app would have no problems tracking the cases due to the almost infinitely short response time. In addition the infected could be isolated much quicker, so that the number of subsequent infections decreases. Almost at the same time it would be possible to isolate the contacts of the infected person.

Prerequisite: An app that recognizes via Bluetooth which cell phones have been feeding their own cell phone for a certain duration (e.g. 15 minutes) up to a certain distance (<1.5 m).

Simplified result of the modeling:

Targeted diagnostics + case monitoring + isolation of contacts => infection cannot be stopped.

Lockdown => infection can be stopped

Mild lockdown (e.g. ban on assembly) + targeted diagnostics + case monitoring + isolation of contacts => infection can’t be stopped.

Magic app => infection can be stopped

Hi everyone,

like I promised above, I have developed a new binding to fetch data from

Opened an official Pull Request for the new binding to fetch the data.

Regards and stay healthy


Good afternoon,
I have been trying to display some basic information about Covid on my system (been stuck at home at the moment as most of us). Been following @ljsquare example without using http config but I can`t get it to work strangly.
Just to mention I have already installed JsonPath Transformation Service and can not find anything in log file related to any of the three corona items.
Does anyone has any suggestion here, what else is missing?


Number Corona_Confirmed	        "Corona Confirmed [%d]"			{http="<[$.[0].confirmed)]"}
Number Corona_Recovered		"Corona Recovered [%d]"  		{http="<[$.[0].recovered)]"}
Number Corona_Deaths		"Corona Deaths [%d]"			{http="<[$.[0].deaths)]"}


Default item=Corona_Confirmed
Default item=Corona_Recovered
Default item=Corona_Deaths

And the HTTP binding is also installed?

Yes, http binding is also installed.



However following @ljsquare setup above further configuration to http binding is not required - is that true then ?

Looking at the Expert Mode options can see the following, I must to used this binding for pulling weather data.

Hi everybody,

there is now a succesfull PR build of the binding. Perhaps some of you want to test the binding you can find the jar here.

And the README here

I’m looking forward for your feedback. To keep the discussion transparent please use this thread for your feedback.

Stay healthy


We have in Austria an App from the Red Cross Link
I think this is a good idea but I do not know if it really helps to get rid of the virus.

In Austria we are having now nearly 15.000 infections, but would need about 4.800.000 (60% of inhabitants) so that virus stopps itself on a natural way.
I guess politicians and scientists are hoping for a warm weather, otherwise this will take years …

Good News,

with the great help of @Kai and @cpmeister we were able to bring my new CoronaStats binding to the upcoming 2.5.4 release.

So stay patient and healthy