*CURRENT* cameras compatible with IP Camera Binding (or similar)

I found a couple of instances of the 4 year old list of cameras known to be compatible with the IP binding. And, I know I’m not the first (by far) to ask.

Does someone know of current cameras (outdoor) that are compatible with openHAB and can do video without a cloud? And reliably trigger on motion? Many (most) of te cameras in the old list are not even available any more.

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The IP Camera can do motion detection itself if configured with FFmpeg.

Alternatively you can run ZoneMinder as a separate process and use the ZoneMinder add-on to get motion events and such.

:frowning:Part of the problem is foscam, amcrest, etc don’t list a lot of useful information on their online docs. :frowning:

Guess I can order a few from Amazon and report back. :slight_smile:

I’m planning on going with a camera (with motion) + isolated motion + Light.

What is the issue with foscam ?
I am using some older WiFi ones and they provide mjpeg stream.
Googleing gives you plenty of information for the correct URLs to use.

Even on Foscam’s site (and Amcrest and others) tech specs don’t list things like ONVIF support, RTSP, etc.

for instance. I want a camera with ONVIF and API, Wifi, and ABILITY to be powered by solar/battery.

I like the netatmo outdoor cameras (but I don’t know any others;). It can distinguish between people, animals and vehicles and depending on this, recordings can be made with or without floodlight. It has infrared light for nightly recordings, too. The settings are made via app. With a one-time connection via the online account, you can query the direct http addresses, both for the live stream and for the last saved clip. this means that operation in openhab can be realized completely without online connections.

They are not cheap but they check your boxes

You want it all :slight_smile:
I do not think you will find a camera with all of that. Especially the reliable motion detection you mentioned earlier as a wish. I have setup a few of the Reolink solar wifi cameras for people that do not use home automation, as they can be installed in minutes without power or cabling. These have a delay between when the PIR motion detects motion when it powers up the camera before they can start recording. The older range was worse then the newer models for this delay, and in some cases if you walked quickly through the cameras feild of view, the camera completely misses the intruder in the too late recording that it takes. On top of this, the battery range from Reolink DO NOT HAVE THE API nor ONVIF.

I would drop the solar/battery requirement myself as this will open up more possibilities as having to save battery power is going to mean compromises on top of not many companies make them probably for this reason. Also POE I feel is better as you can run the cat5 yourself and do not need a power point that requires an electrician to install.

A lot of their newer cameras now do not have the API built in, they may be phasing it out… You need to confirm that the model you want, does or at the very least has ONVIF support otherwise you will just have a generic RTSP camera with no motion detection unless you use FFmpeg to create this for you at the cost of cpu on your server. The FOSCAM api was polling and not event based like even basic ONVIF cameras have.

Annke cameras are made by Hikvision and contain their API in them and sell at a lower cost:
Annke Firmware to Hikvision Firmware: HOW TO | IP Cam Talk

Amcrest cameras are made by Dahua and contain their API in them and sell at a lower cost:

Instar are cameras that contain firmware written by the German company and have a good API and ONVIF so are not the same as the Chinese companies if you are looking for a more trustworthy company. Excellent support and the cameras also have MQTT in them.

Reolink API support is waiting in a PR for openHAB 4.x at the moment.

Most people do not have issues and do not bother to post what model they have working. Most of the brands mentioned above work so long as you stay away from battery and take extra care when choosing any doorbell styled models.

By sticking with a camera that has good support in the IpCamera binding, you can cast the video to google chromecasts, android TV and Alexa devices all locally and no cloud. I also can cast an auto rotating feed of my outdoor cameras, and if any of the cameras detects motion, it jumps to this camera on my TV.

If you want to know if a camera has good ONVIF support, just do a search on www.ipcamtalk.com

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Hello all,

  For testing purpose, I was given a Dzees IP camera - Anyone started to look at it to be part of Openhab. The camera doesn't seems to support RTSP. It works fine with  their app. Will need to investigate it with reverse-engineering. Any would be appreciate 


If you want GOOD quality cameras, stick with dahua, amcrest or Hikvision.
Also choose the larger sensor size. It’s one of the most important aspects of the camera.

Dahua has a pdf showing you their full api.

I bought dahua cameras from empiretechandy, you can find links to his Amazon/AliExpress shop on ipcamtalk.

Do “all” dahua cameras support mostly the full api? I’ve been looking at them.

My goal is say 90 degree FOV. Reliable motion trigger. Wifi, but either wallwart or Poe powered. And ability to store local to my choice of drive. I think for bindings it needs to be h.264 not 265

I don’t need horns, sirens, chat ability, ability the threaten someone remotely :-). Just a reliable camera with reliable motion detection.

What resolution do you suggest? 1080 ok? More?

that’s the biggest problem there I think.

I rely on my dahua’s in-camera motion detection. I use the ipcamera binding only to capture dahua’s motion detection event. Some others have used Frigate to do the detection.

They say that the sensor size matters more than resolution. 1080p on a zoomed-in (small fov) can give you great detail. 1080p on a wide fov will tell you there’s a person over there.

Thank you JP1955 for your reply. I will look into the Dahua camera and others.
Bonne journée.

The dahua I ordered is well over 1080, so should be good.

Hardwired Ethernet is very difficult in a manufactured home. You either drill holes in plain view through the wall and siding and have unconcealed wires, or you crawl under in a 16” tall area, slice open the protective underside, run wires, then hopefully repairing the underside to maintain the original integrity. If you don’t, you have small animal problems as well as losing your “seal” to the elements.

I’ve got a dahua coming. Wifi, but wifi or wired I don’t think matters.

I’m assuming I won’t search for a thing in the ip binding for this? Connect it up the network to get an IP address and hand config? Or will adding a thing using the IP binding find a dahua by searching network addresses?

Since this discussion has gone toward Dahua, I suggest updating the title to reflect that. Otherwise, four years from now it’ll be another “current list of something” thread that’s no longer current. :wink: