Custom semantic locations

playing around with the sematic model I wonder if it is possible to add custom locations like
“ChildrensRoom”, “Sauna”, “FitnessRoom”, “Winecellar” etc…?
I tried to import a textfile with my own locationnames, but those are not shown on the model page then.

In main UI goto model crate location name it whatever you like

Hi powerpolly,

If you are Into textual configuration of things and items (*.items files…) and would like to have your model also in a file you can look into the solution of this thread:


hi, ok, need to specify my question:
when adding a new location to the model, I can name a Room whatever I want. but from the semantic class selection I`m limited to the predefined ones from that list:

Is it possible to add custom semantic classes?
if not, what are the implications later on if I have multiple Rooms of the same semantic class “Room”?

Short answer: you can not modify the semantic classes

Little more details: as far as I followed this discussion the classes are hard-coded in a core package and also in the UI. There was a pull request to add several new classes merged just before the release of Oh3. A lot more classes were added.

If you feel still some class missing I think it would be best to join the ongoing discussion on github

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thanks. I created 2 rooms in my cellar, both have semantic class “Room” and the location cards look good:

so what is the advantage of having separate classes like “livingroom” or “bedroom”? is it somehow related to HabBot or do they make life easier if using them in combination with Alexa?