Custom widget: Dashboard Link

Hi everyone!

Here’s my custom widget allowing you to jump to another dashboard.
The widget is based on great HABPanel feature - “Switch dashboard with item value”.

In order to make this widget work, after you import it you need to set a few things up:

  1. Create String Item in openHAB that stores your HABPanel dashboard name (I called mine “HABPanel”)
  2. In HABPanel settings menu under “Switch dashboard with item value” select the item you just created.
  3. Place Dashboard Link widget somewhere
  4. In Settings type the following:
  • Dashboard name - tapping the widget will redirect to this dashboard
  • HABPanel Item - the item you created and linked with switching dashboards
  • Font size (e.g. 42px) and Label (e.g. “Go to Lights”) - adjust the display

Here’s this widget in action:

dashboard-link.widget.json (986 Bytes)


Great :slight_smile: maybe a simpler way without needing an item would be:

<a class="dashboard-link" href="#/view/{{config.dashboard_name}}">

Tried it - nothing happens

<a class="dashboard-link" href="#/view/{{config.Security}}">

Did you create a “Security” and “label” in the Setting menù?

Thanks for your response.
I just solved it with the help of this post:

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Yeah! Thanks for the mini-tutorial, I’m keen to give it a go now that I have a few gadgets set up and soon Kodi. Being able to jump to different panels will be immensely useful. Thanks again

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Do you create a string or something in the configuration settings of the clickable widget you are creating? Confused about this one.

Not working for me… I´m on 2.2 snapshot.

I made all your settings.

But when i click on the icon, nothing happens.

Works now… I removed all and did it again.

Panel-names are case sensitive!